ALERT: ’21 Issues for the 21st Century’ U.N. Controls of Food, Water

Since this editorial of Investors Business Daily is brief, we post it in its entirety.

It refers to this United Nations document:

It is yet another worldwide Trojan Horse in the plans of globalist barons and their central bankster complex, to make the world their plantation.

To put it another way, it is the latest from the global neo-Marxist and ecofascist movements (and those behind them). Believe or disbelieve what you need, it must be opposed, passionately, vigorously, and conclusively.

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U.N. Seeks Sweeping Power To Control Food, Water

Posted 03/02/2012 07:03 PM ET

Resources: A new report suggests the United Nations take control of the world’s food and water. We’d write this off as a joke except the Obama administration seems to like the idea of global government.

Putting life’s essentials under the direct control of perhaps the most corrupt organization on earth doesn’t strike us as wise. But that’s what a new U.N. report, “21 Issues for the 21st Century,” would do.

It suggests “international protocols” and a “shared vision” for land and water use that would, essentially, end current national laws and treaties governing their use.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. Just two months ago, the U.N. suggested a “minimum global tax,” and the idea was immediately embraced by some in the Obama administration as a good idea. It’s not.

Still, this utopian notion of “one-world government” dies hard. Even though the United Nations has been found to be financially corrupt and almost entirely ineffective, it continues to seek new, sweeping powers.

The 192 member-countries that make up the U.N. see these sweeping new powers to tax us, tell us what food to grow and whom to sell it to, and to give up our rights to our own water as a way to bring the mighty U.S. under the world’s heel. They envy our wealth and clout.

President Obama has made it clear throughout his presidency that he doesn’t see the U.S. as an exceptional nation, just one of many. That’s where the problem begins, since it emboldens the bureaucrats and thieves who run the U.N. to come up with these kinds of ideas.

And guess what? We pay for all this. In 2010, we put up $7.7 billion for U.N. operations, and footed 22% of its total budget. Yet in all its actions, the U.N. seeks to reduce American influence and sway in the world.

In recent years, the U.N. has careened from scandal to scandal, from the illegal payola received by U.N. officials, to the Iraq oil embargo, to repeated scandals involving the U.N. “Peacekeepers,” who have been implicated in a deadly outbreak of cholera in Haiti that killed more than 5,000 people and the rape and abuse of female and child refugees in Africa.

And that doesn’t even include the insane anti-Israel bias of the U.N.’s voting members, who see pummeling the tiny Jewish state as a way to get back at the U.S.

But sure, let’s give it control of the world’s resources.

The more we think of this organization, the less we like it. Maybe it’s time someone asked: Do we really even need the U.N.?

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