IMMEDIATE QUESTIONS Arise on Breitbart Death, Chemically Induced Heart Attacks Possible

Gulag Bound Preface:

Please pardon this brought up so soon, but time is of the essence. We suggest and if it were in our power, would demand the greatest level of forensic expertise and attention paid to this death by apparent natural causes. Conclusive expertise applied immediately is much, much better than what comes from any alternative. – AW

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From Pat Dollard

More On Breitbart’s Mysterious Death: Walking Alone By House In Dead Of Night, Family Doesn’t Know Exactly Where, Collapses, “It Looks Like A Heart Attack, But No One Knows” – With Video Of Heart Attack-Inducing Gun

[Video, “CIA secret weapon of assassination Heart Attack Gun,
Declassified 1975, New World Order Report
Los Angeles Times:

Andrew Breitbart, the 43-year-old conservative writer who died Thursday morning, was found collapsed on the sidewalk near his Westwood home while taking a nighttime walk, his father-in-law told The Times.

Breitbart was found about 12:30 or 1 a.m.

“He was walking near the house somewhere…. He was taken by paramedics to UCLA and they couldn’t revive him,” said his father-in-law, actor Orson Bean, who spoke with his daughter, Susannah Bean Breitbart, about what happened.

“We’re devastated. I loved him like a son,” Bean said. “It looks like a heart attack, but no one knows until” an autopsy is done.

Bean said experts at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Westwood suspected he died of natural causes.

Breitbart’s mother-in-law, Alison Mills Bean, called Breitbart “one of the most genuine people I’ve met in my life…. He always spoke the truth of his heart and no matter what people agreed or disagreed with him he never wavered.

“And he was loved by a lot of people. And I know a lot of people found fault with his points of view … but everyone loved him. It is a great loss for everybody.”

Breitbart is survived by his wife, four children, Samson, 12; Mia, 10; Charlie, 6; and William, 4, his sister, Tracy, and his parents, Jerry and Arlene.

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  1. 1 little red dot. Like a mosquito bite. I’m livid! I do not put anything past the people in power these days.

  2. Anybody know where Liddy was when this happened? He’s got more experience at this than anyone else…

  3. Maybe Breitbart died of the same sick poison he made his career distributing.

  4. An in-depth look at the possibility of Andrew Breitbart having been assassinated:

  5. DemocracyRules says

    Obama: “He Had It Coming”

    That’s what the ‘president’ said about the death of Colonel Kadaffi. That’s how the ‘president’ thinks.

    The old canard that “the truth comes out eventually” is incorrect. The truth is often like dried-up toothpaste. To make it come out you have to squeeze really hard.

    Question 1: Who had the motivation, the means and the opportunity to kill Breitbart? Thousands had the motivation, and hundreds had the opportunity, but only a small number had the means to disguise a murder as a ‘heart attack’. Some experts in pharmacology or clinical biochemistry could do it, but they lack the motivation and opportunity. Also, they are not trained in clandestine operations.

    Question 2: Does it smell like spycraft? When clandestine operations are outed it’s often because the events match known spycraft methods. Most of these methods appear in public documents and books. It’s also publicly known US intelligence agencies have spent decades refining poisons and other undetectable murder weapons. That’s fine as long as the clandestine operations support the Constitution. Killing a man who is about to prove the ‘president’ is a fraud does not support the Constitution.

    Here is some prima facie evidence of spycraft in the death of Breitbart. (1) Several drugs are known to produce lethal heart-attack-like symptoms. A few of these are hard to detect in a post mortem examination unless there is a concerted effort to find them. After death some tissues remain alive for hours or longer. These drugs tend to get metabolized after death. There appear to be a few drugs in this category that either are not detectable or can only be found by an intense hunt for traces of that specific drug. The pathology report should detail the methods used to detect these specific drugs.

    (2) When law enforcement finds evidence of professional clandestine operations they often walk away. Sometimes they are told to walk away. This is often publicly obvious when law enforcement ignores clear evidence and glosses over known facts. For example Donald Young was a handsome gay choirmaster at Obama’s church. Just prior to the 2008 election Donald Young spoke at length about Obama to an acquaintance who had access to the public media. He detailed repeated homosexual encounters with Obama. Shortly thereafter he was murdered in a professional-type hit. Chicago police still have no suspect and have never spoken to Obama. Donald Young’s mother has publicly asserted that people close to Obama killed her son. The Chicago Police appear to have walked way from the case. Will law enforcement walk away from the Brietbart case?

    (3) Is there a pattern in the behavior of the perpetrator? Has Obama killed others? You decide. Remember there is a commandment against falsely accusing others of wrongdoing.

    (4) Walking alone late at night outside his house Breitbart went from a casual walk to sudden cardiac arrest and death within a few minutes. Very few heart attacks happen this way but this pattern is consistent with a clandestine operation.

    (5) Media indifference. Generally the more implicated in malfeasance that Obama becomes, the more indifferent the media becomes. Donald Young’s contact was Larry Sinclair who has been tax audited, repeatedly interviewed by the Secret Service without just cause, challenged about his federal pension, and sued for $30 million by an Obama associate. The media are profoundly indifferent to Larry Sinclair.

    In the Breitbart case the media are already proclaiming that this is an open-shut case of death by natural causes. I’m sure there are some pharmacologists, toxicologists, and forensic scientists who are bemused to hear reporters speak with such certainty.

    In a technical sense all human deaths could be called cardiac arrest. For example a patient with cancer may become so sick that their heart stops beating. If it stops, they die. The cause of death that is written on a death certificate is somewhat arbitrary.

    In the case of Breitbart it is professionally irresponsible for any physician to pronounce the cause of death before an autopsy is done and a pathology report is completed.

    I have not proved there was a clandestine operation against Breitbart but this case is worth careful investigation.

    Pro Patria

  6. Deadly Antibiotic Awareness Mission says

    Do you want another poison?? It could be as simple as a script for an “antibiotic”, the Fluoroquinolone AVELOX/Moxifloxacin… just one pill may be enough to cause prolongation of the QT-interval… had he been on any prescribed meds?? The true-safety profile of this class is being hidden… these “work” by damaging DNA and are toxic to cells and all systems of the body. It is also common for the ADR’s (adverse drug reactions) to not even be noticeable until long after the drug is stopped.

    Poisons masquerading as “antibiotics”……. google “Fluoroquinolone Toxicity”.

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