Gingrich Refers to Jill Stanek’s Moment of Passion with Born Alive Infanticide

Newt knows Jack and Newt knows Jill Stanek

This is last night, before the Michigan and Arizona votes were tallied. Wolf Blitzer interviews Newt Gingrich.

The Gingrich campaign is discussed, as the Speaker bypasses Michigan and Arizona, to focus on Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, other primaries and caucuses, his native Georgia as a base.

And add questioning the proposition of voting for Mitt Romney is shown and discussed.

Then Gingrich hits Obama again on the Koran burning apology, pointing out that U.S. soldiers were ordered to burn Bibles in 2009, also that Muslim tyrants regularly destroy copies of the Koran as well as innocent people, in the homes they bomb.

Iran, Pakistan, and the greater problems of south Asia and the Mideast are discussed.

Then, at 9:41, Blitzer brings up Gingrich’s debate criticism of the media for generally not grilling Obama as hard as pro-life GOP candidates on his own anti-life policies.

Specifically, Gingrich had referred to Obama’s protection of the practice of infanticide, including at Chicagoland’s  “Christ Hospital,” a hospital having been supported by Obama’s and Jeremiah Wright’s United Church of Christ church, a hospital where Nurse Stanek worked.

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Jill Stanek

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