Newt Gingrich Support Surging in Social Media

Conservative Internet activists are the best informed by far, as a group.

In the Twitterverse, #MyVoteFactor demonstrates the swell of support that the Speaker is getting (allowing for the organized “Paul-Qaeda,” as at least one of the bound calls them).


To capitalize on this surge, the Gingrich campaign has opened a social media site for their supporters,

Working the Newtwork

It remains to be seen how effectively the Newtwork will work – whether by it, Internetters will decide to open their front doors and walk their neighborhoods, or make phone calls in their states and others. In addition to TV ads, that is still the effective work that reaches the bulk of voters and leads to political victories.

And has Gulag Bound gone Gingrich?

More on that in a bit. For the moment, suffice it to say we gravely need a president who is willing to put himself on the line, to SPEAK OUT  for the American sovereignties and who truly commits himself to aggressively guard them.

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  1. Around the club house turn Mitt leads with Rick pushing Ron for a passing lane. Newt keeps his stride waiting for an opening to make his move.

  2. Let’s harness the awesome power of grassroots conservatives for Newt! He is the ONLY one who can defeat Romney and then Obama. Newts Network is an awesome tool to make it happen! NEWT 2012!

  3. No doubt about it. Newt is my choice for president. And nobody can say that Newt bought his supporters like Mittens did. We have worked without rest on this grassroots campaign. What Mitt does not realize is everytime he puts out a slanderous tv ad on Newt,he is insulting those of us that support Newt. When you lie about the leader, you are,in essence, lying about the followers. NEWT/WEST 2012. If you really want what is best for America, this would be your choice too

  4. Some top donators to Romney AND Obama.
    Goldmann-Sachs: top donator Romney and Obama.
    JP Morgan Chase: Number 2 donator Romney and Obama.
    Citigroup: 3rd for Obama, 5th for Romney.
    UBS: Fourth for Obama, 14th for Romney.
    B of A: 5th for Obama, 6th for Romney.
    Morgan-Stanley: 3rd for Romney, 19th for Obama.
    *source, – center for responsive politics – please fact check me anywhere you like……BEFORE you vote. Thank you

    “There is no real difference between Romney and Obama”.
    — George Soros —

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