Thank You Nancy Pelosi and Stenny Hoyer for Obamacare

By: Toddy Littman

First, I must thank you, Stenny Hoyer, for your role in illegally passing the Affordable Care Act (affectionately called “Obamacare”), (Please see

In the same way Americans do not appreciate the fact that one man, Harry Reid, can filibuster the 438 members of the House (fail to take up passed bills) and stop the flow of the entire U.S. Government, you sir, single-handedly decided to push Obamacare through the House, knowing full well the Senate version had revenue generating (taxation) provisions that the House had never reviewed… Or maybe you just took Nancy Pelosi’s advice:

The best part of this comment is, “…away from the fog of the controversy.” This statement is the epitome of unconscionable action by government in representation as a menace over the people. The House and its Committees are the exercise of the fiduciary role of government representatives as our servants. It is a form of Treason to claim to have passed a law “away from the debate and debating floor,” particularly without having read it. A theatre of wordplay that said one single thing we remembered in 2010 and will remember even more strongly in 2012: “We Democrats have a super-majority and Obama won, our agenda is all we need to pass this bill, as there is no power in the opposition to bring any challenge to anything we want to do. So don’t read the bill, just pass it and we’ll foist this on the American People in our sworn duty to each other and a political party agenda. Let the courts decide legitimacy and rights issues, we’re going to force through an illegitimate process that can be used from now until we destroy Individual Liberty.” This message is what many Americans heard loud and clear.

Yes, you sir, with the aid of Speaker Pelosi, were the key to the new unconscionable standard of bill passage while claiming “democracy” as our form of government and fallacious talking point statements were made about the grass roots movement known as the Tea Party. How does it feel Stenny Hoyer to be the sole person to assure Obamacare, as received from the Senate, was not properly reviewed by the House, are you proud of the fact you willfully failed to enforce those provisions of Our Written Constitution of 1789 designating exclusive power over revenue generation in the Peoples’ House? Surely a destructive act to Our American Republic, but you sir, also, by this act, destroyed all semblance of any legitimacy in you or your party’s claims of “Our Democracy.” I’ll bet you even made sure to shake out the last drop on Our Constitution after urinating on it!

And of course, as already referenced, we arrive at Nancy Pelosi, the woman who made Stenny Hoyer famous as the deliberate denier of Constitutional Process in his former position as Majority Leader of a “Congress of the Unconscionable” by her own words as heard above. What could be more important to dictatorial government than the representatives of it voting on legislation they never read, never had a conscious knowledge of, only to have the courts, tell a Citizen brought up on charges under that law, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse!”? A certain act of Treason it is for our representatives to vote on laws they’ve never read.

Now that Obamacare is deemed “passed,” irrespective of it being nugatory by the process to the President’s unconscionable signature failing to pass Constitutional Muster, in that 26 States are suing the Federal Government over the mandate in it, the DOJ is making the specious argument it “is a Constitutional Power under the Commerce Clause, and thereby a rightful tax.” In fact, Stenny Hoyer’s failure to designate Obamacare a tax, according to record of how Obamacare was passed (House Rules establish this is out-of-order, and that this rule is done to enforce Article I, Section 7, Clause I), and thereby failing to cause the Ways and Means review required, is denial of the mandate having any authority or enforceability as a tax. Thus this failure by Stenny Hoyer to abide by Constitutional Process, denies any legitimacy to the claims made by the DOJ.

Thus, due to the unread, thereby undebated, and therefore undiscussed, Contraception mandate in Obamacare, 7 states today have taken up a new lawsuit over this Contraception mandate. I am going to reference this to a comedian, the late George Carlin. He would discuss, in his various routines on words, how so many are “institutionalization” from terms that have actual heartfelt meaning. For our example it’s the actual heartfelt meaning of “religious liberty” that is being institutionalized into “contraception” through the coercive force of government (the Church acceptance of the “accommodation” would be to agree to this conversion). Carlin’s example, to help comprehend your flagrant violation of our Individual Liberty, is “shell-shocked” became “post-traumatic stress disorder.” The former terms, in both cases, a state of reality entirely within the Individual’s right and capacity to affect; the latter, a means of government encroachment through assuming legislative authority to define them as events subject to the jurisdiction of the ruling classes, the “ruling institutions,” within the boundaries of government’s desire to be the dictator of definition and the protocols associated over all they define. This is so because there is little, if any, difference in governance, between Politicians or the American Medical Association, or whatever other guild/union that government gives a special interest and/or quasi-government authority to – the persistent expansion of government and its influence through bureaucratization with little if any accountability.

Further, this is why the House Rules were started by Thomas Jefferson in the first place, as they were rules to give means to enforce the provisions of the Constitution within the House as a body of the National Government, that both you, Nancy Pelosi and Stenny Hoyer, as the leadership of the House at the time, made every effort to violate and evade. It is clear you knew or should have known that the party in power, that you control, would not do anything about your indiscretions couched in “official capacity” as though a “hoodie-footie” of immunity for your actions in derogation of your Oath of Office to We The People. This renders the “passage” of Obamacare a consistent effort to marginalize the American People, a consistent failure to uphold your agreement to respect and Honor we who put you in a position of trust by your election to office. Our Powers are not yours so long as Our Written Constitution isn’t amended by us to give them to you, no matter how much legislation or what number of bureaucracies you create.

Of course the $500,000,000,000 being stripped from Medicare, is a good thing to those of us who comprehend the limits of Article I, Section 8, the list of enumerated, and rightful powers to the exclusion of all General Powers, (see paragraph 5 here, However, your bill, Obamacare, (once again remember it was “passed” while unread) depletes this Medicare money for the sole purpose of creating the appearance of budget neutrality, when in fact it divests seniors of what they’ve actually paid for and results in a redistribution of this money to include the 30+ million Americans added to the healthcare rolls, who are now, like all Americans, forced to buy healthcare irrespective of the illegal, unconstitutional, process of “passage,” of the Obamacare mandate. That “fog of controversy” in referencing the rightful debate floor of Congress, that Stenny Hoyer denied to the Ways & Means Committee as well, has ended up being a ruse to bypass Our Written Constitution. The purpose is to effectuate a Supreme Court decision after the fact, in abuse of the 3rd branch of government their decision to be treated as an affirmation of Obamacare as a “law” and circumvent the fact it already is invalidated by the Constitution itself!

Article 6, Section 2, provides how the Constitution, without aid of the U.S. Supreme Court, invalidates all acts of every single branch of government, including the U.S. Supreme Court, when in violation of the exact language of the Constitution:

“This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States [said “Authority, being what is said prior to the semi-colon], shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.” — Constitution For The United States of America, as ratified, 1789,

Thus the Constitution itself, by this self-executing clause, only recognizes those things in pursuance of the Constitution, following the limits of it, as having the legitimacy of “the consent of the governed,” as required by the Declaration of Independence in test of a government’s legitimate authority. This is also the test of “good behavior,” the Constitution the means of testing the validity of all acts of government, those without deference to it, clearly not acts in good behavior by any government actor in their representative capacity of voluntary servitude.

So, I think it’s high time to follow Our Written Constitution and believe in the Honor of the men who wanted to abolish slavery by 1808 through passage of the Constitution, and have a heavy heart over the fact they could not do so before that. Yes, this is part of Our Founders’ wisdom, which our government-funded indoctrination masquerading as education has ignored, particularly that Our Written Constitution should be Ours and Our Government’s guiding light to the certain truth of Obamacare as an absolutely heinous act of Treason against the Government. It is we who are the Sovereign Power of America. We are a nation entirely based on the Rule Of Law in self-Government. The Exceptional character of America, of Freedom and Individual Liberty is that our power and use of our property is exercised as we see fit and at our sole discretion and it is this Exceptional Character that vests in every American:

I give you James Madison from Federalist 42:

“THE SECOND class of powers, lodged in the general government, consists of those which regulate the intercourse with foreign nations, to wit: to make treaties; to send and receive ambassadors, other public ministers, and consuls; to define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas, and offenses against the law of nations; to regulate foreign commerce, including a power to prohibit, after the year 1808, the importation of slaves, and to lay an intermediate duty of ten dollars per head, as a discouragement to such importations….

“The regulation of foreign commerce, having fallen within several views which have been taken of this subject, has been too fully discussed to need additional proofs here of its being properly submitted to the federal administration. It were doubtless to be wished, that the power of prohibiting the importation of slaves had not been postponed until the year 1808, or rather that it had been suffered to have immediate operation. But it is not difficult to account, either for this restriction on the general government, or for the manner in which the whole clause is expressed. It ought to be considered as a great point gained in favor of humanity, that a period of twenty years may terminate forever, within these States, a traffic which has so long and so loudly upbraided the barbarism of modern policy; that within that period, it will receive a considerable discouragement from the federal government, and may be totally abolished, by a concurrence of the few States which continue the unnatural traffic, in the prohibitory example which has been given by so great a majority of the Union. Happy would it be for the unfortunate Africans, if an equal prospect lay before them of being redeemed from the oppressions of their European brethren!” — Paragraphs 1 & 3 respectively,

Thus it is clear to this American that violation of the Constitution is the means to continue slavery, in the same way violation of the Constitutional limit is where government effectuates a rebellion against the People, particularly when done in direct violation of fiduciary requirement imposed upon our representatives in government by their sworn Oath of Office, an Oath no less important than one taken by anyone in our armed forces and that our elected representatives should actually take more seriously.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice James Wilson, a signer of the Declaration and the Constitution, knew who the Sovereign is, how that’s the most important principle to America, her people and Government, that this is Our unalienable Right to self-Government, an internal absolute power of the People alone:

“’Permit me to mention one great principle, the vital principle I may well call it, which diffuses animation and vigor through all the others. The principle I mean is this, that the supreme or sovereign power of the society resides in the citizens at large; and that, therefore, they always retain the right of abolishing, altering, or amending their constitution, at whatever time, and in whatever manner, they shall deem expedient.’” — James Wilson, Founding Father, Lectures on Law: Volume 1 Chapter 1 page 17. — as quoted from

However, you Nancy Pelosi, Stenny Hoyer, Harry Reid, and of course the illustrious Dear Leader, President Barack Hussein Obama, set aside the meaning and intention of Our Founders of Freedom for all on this continent, for all of us of all ethnicities and beliefs to have the protection of Limited Government, to instead divide us, to use powers not granted to force us, coerce us, and divest us of all of our rightful property, including our Property In Rights, (see

So it is with great pride over America and Our Founders, over our Military and their taking their Oath of Office seriously, that I thank you representatives and members of Progressive Government for having proven once again that your thirst for power knows no bounds, that to you We The People are merely a resource to be managed, a means of creation of special interests through your divisiveness as a tool to force Our American Republic to be a democracy in appearance, while in fact to facilitate the historically oppressive nature of centralized power and government; a truth that has been reinforced by Obama’s Policies and rhetoric over the last 3 years. Be proud of yourselves for you’ve reinforced a 230 year old truth to the world, that Individual Liberty is the sole means of Sovereignty, of Right, of Peace and Tranquility, of Wealth, of Honor, for anyone throughout the entire world (see

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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