Decorated Military Officer Ordered Not to Speak To Press Update: Lt. Col. Terry Lakin

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By Thom Redmond

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BELVOIR, Va. – A decorated military officer who is challenging – in military court – President Obama’s eligibility to be president was taken into custody and escorted under guard back to Walter Reed Army Base today after a hearing, apparently so he could not talk to the press or his attorney about his case, according to his defense attorney.

The Army held a hearing today at Ft. Belvoir, Va., for Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, who posted a YouTube video challenging the Army to charge him after he refused to deploy to Afghanistan again this spring because of his concerns that Obama is ineligible to be president, and orders under his chain of command then would be suspect.

At the conclusion of the arraignment, Lakin was ordered not to speak with the press and was taken back to Reed under military escort, surprising and disturbing a civilian lawyer who has been working on his case.

“This was completely inappropriate. Col Lakin was brought here and taken away from here as if he was a common criminal. He was prohibited from talking to the press for two minutes; he was prohibited from talking to anybody, even me,” Paul Rolf Jenson said.

If this is a frivolous or malicious or ludicrous accusation why is the Obama Administration so unwilling to provide the simple remedy ( presentment of valid documentation) in order to silence this entire controversy?

If you as a citizen were being harangued, harassed, accused, hounded by a pack of hatemongers who were incessantly making false accusations against you, filing lawsuits based upon those false accusations and constantly stirring up great crowds of people by restating those false accusations… wouldn’t you just show the documents to some authority and silence the buggers once and for all?

Wouldn’t you want to get past a pack of lies and demonstrate the truth?  What sane person would allow this distracting controversy to roil on for two full years ~ if they had the evidence to silence their opposition?  That is, if there is any evidence…


  1. “buggers” is just too funny. I love the way you turn the argument around and ask all the right questions at the same time: “If you as a citizen were being harangued, harassed, accused, hounded by a pack of hatemongers…” Those are not descriptive what we truly are, but if they had a brain it should make them think (keyword “if”)

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