Ominous Connections Haunting Each GOP Presidential Candidate

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This is a summary report that we will show you as it is being done. It will be updated and perhaps future article(s) drafted, stemming from it.

Republican presidential candidates debate, Tampa, Florida January 23, 2012. REUTERS/Scott Audette

Each one of these four is an exceptionally capable person, though clearly, one has demonstrated his effectiveness for conservatism the most.

But, each one has at least one very problematic association, or liaison, or set of liaisons, in his recent history. This is a brief, initial sketch with links, listed in the order of my own concern.

Mitt Romney, the Mormon High Priesthood, Mormon Eschatology & White Horse Prophecy

Mormonism is notorious for its very well behaved flock and for its very devious and manipulative central leaders in this high priesthood.

LDS prophecy maintains that at a time when America and its holy Constitution are in jeopardy, a Mormon president will arise, associated with or figuratively riding a white horse, coming to the rescue. Further, he will begin to establish a theocratic rule of the world.

Is this a motivation for Mitt Romney? For others who affect him? For others who have assailed one or more opponents, such as Glenn Beck? Beck has just returned from a trip to the Vatican and meetings with activists in other nations about setting up a global Tea Party movement.


1. A video on the subject, testimony of a former Mormon high priest, found at “Does Mitt’s Mormonism Matter?,”

Video, “Mitt Romney & Mormonism

2. A description of the White Horse Prophecy, by a proponent of it, lays open at

3. Park Romney, a distant cousin of Willard “Mitt” Romney has written a book about this underreported set of scandals, “The Apostasy of a High Priest.”

4. An article in ChristianNewsToday expounds, “Why Mitt’s Mormonism Should be of Great Concern to American Voters,” again, written by a former Mormon.

5. One may do one’s own Web search on “White Horse Prophecy;” there is even a page for it at

Ron Paul

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Newt Gingrich

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  1. What Ron Paul Detractors Reveal by Chuck Baldwin:

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