Who Do these People Think they Are?


Imagine you wake up tomorrow and this is not a Constitutional Republic anymore. It is now a dictatorship. Whoops! Already accomplished. Then imagine that you wake up tomorrow and the President and our elites have given away part of the US. Then imagine it was your state and your state and Senators weren’t even consulted on it. In fact the deal was conducted in secret. Well, the nightmare is alive and well and being finalized for Alaska. But, before you go cursing ONLY Obama (as I do every damn chance I get), you better have a really hard look at Progressives on both sides of the aisle. This monstrous act of treason started under Bush Senior in 1990 and was ratified by our Senate in 1991. The only thing holding it back was that Russia had not signed the treaty. Obama is now looking to finish the diabolical deal.

From Drink Your Kool Aid:

On June 1, 1990, Secretary of State James Baker signed a secret executive agreement with Eduard Shevardnadze, the former U.S.S.R. foreign minister. It specified that even though the treaty had not been ratified, the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. agreed to abide by the terms of the treaty beginning June 15, 1990. The Senate ratified the U.S.-U.S.S.R. Maritime Boundary Treaty in 1991, which was then signed by President George Bush.

I can hear you saying that this is only about some tiny little islands and that they are closer to Russia than the US – why should we care? These islands are not tiny. And the true issue here is that they have a wealth of oil and resources on and around them. That’s the big deal. Plus, they’re ours – not Russia’s.

Why now, when this treaty has languished for 22 years? Well… Why not? It accomplishes a number of things for Obama. It takes a slap at the conservative state of Alaska and attempts to put her high-profile residents such as Sarah Palin and Joe Miller in their collective places. It caves to one of our biggest enemies, Russia, and weakens the US even more in their eyes. It gives precious energy resources away for nothing, thereby ensuring that energy prices will skyrocket even more in the US when that energy is needed. And who knows what other nefarious goals the deed accomplishes. Progressives are always figuring an angle and it never benefits US citizens – just the elite and powerful.

From WND:

Part of Obama’s apparent war against U.S. energy independence includes a foreign-aid program that directly threatens my state’s sovereign territory. Obama’s State Department is giving away seven strategic, resource-laden Alaskan islands to the Russians. Yes, to the Putin regime in the Kremlin.

The seven endangered islands in the Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea include one the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. The Russians are also to get the tens of thousands of square miles of oil-rich seabeds surrounding the islands. The Department of Interior estimates billions of barrels of oil are at stake.


The State Department has undertaken the giveaway in the guise of a maritime boundary agreement between Alaska and Siberia. Astoundingly, our federal government itself drew the line to put these seven Alaskan islands on the Russian side. But as an executive agreement, it could be reversed with the stroke of a pen by President Obama or Secretary Clinton.

The agreement was negotiated in total secrecy. The state of Alaska was not allowed to participate in the negotiations, nor was the public given any opportunity for comment. This is despite the fact the Alaska Legislature has passed resolutions of opposition – but the State Department doesn’t seem to care.

In May of 1881, US explorers spotted the Jeannette and Henrietta Islands and claimed them for the United States. According to numerous sources, including the group State Department Watch, seven Arctic islands currently controlled by Russia are claimed by the United States. However, according to the United States Department of State, no such claim exists. The USSR/USA Maritime Boundary Treaty, which has yet to be approved by the Russian Duma, does not address the status of these islands nor the maritime boundaries associated with them. And of course, the Russians are claiming them for their own. The fight over Alaskan land has been going on since the 1800s and the Russians are claiming and taking any land anywhere they can find it that has oil or gas.

The Obama Administration is reportedly giving away Wrangell, Bennett, Jeannette and Henrietta islands in Alaska to Russia. They are getting ready to finalize the deal. The federal government drew the line to put these seven Alaskan islands on the Russian side with no input from Alaska, her leaders or her residents. How is that Constitutional? And don’t cite the Treaty Clause to me. This oversteps the bounds of that section by a wide margin. Thus the need for secrecy and no transparency on the deal. The founding fathers never envisioned a sitting President and the State Department just giving away American sovereign land.

And as far as a milquetoast, spineless Senate is concerned – every one of them that ratified this in 1991 that is still in office should be shown the door that leads to a rail out of town with a spiffy new coat of tar and feathers. This treaty makes an excellent argument for abolishing the 17th Amendment and returning to the true Constitutional principle in which senators were elected by state legislatures, not by popular vote. This is what you get when you bastardize and supersede Article I, § 3, Clauses 1 and 2 of the Constitution.

Who the hell do these people think they are? I’ll tell you… They truly believe they are the elite and that they are above your station – you are the riffraff, the serfs that only exist to serve them. They are royalty and their moniker is Progressive. They are the ruling class and the truly, obscenely wealthy and powerful. For too long we have let them rule as they see fit rather than by the will of the people. Obama is just the culmination of decades of inattention to the evil infiltrating our government’s halls. Time to send them all packing.

The powers delegated to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the state governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, [such] as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce. The powers reserved to the several states will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people.

James Madison – The Federalist

That’s who they think they are; your King, your Lords, your Nobility. They don’t care what happened in 1787, they still think they own you

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Terresa Monroe-Hamilton administrates the Noisy Room blog, where she documents the influences of those politically off the American course, called progressives. She is also a contributor to KeyWiki.org and her articles are featured in the daily Web publication, The Globe & Malevolence.


  1. Tar & feathers is too good for treason,hang the bunch.

  2. Tic-toc, as soon as these rats totally destroy our country it will be time to hunt the traitors down and reward them with rope necklaces. They have destroyed our country as it is but it will get worse, when the final collapse comes their legal tricks will not save them from justice no matter how fast or far they try to run. Hang them all, it’s the Constitutional mandated punishment for treason, and this is high treason.

  3. We are in a post constitutional America IN EFFECT, and in the minds of our president and appropriately so according to “liberal” socialist judgement.

    We, concerned patriots, including those who have been supporting those who have appointed and empowered such as Obama and individuals as Ruth Badger Ginsburg, Supreme Court Occupier and ACLU lawyer who just this month said that she would not look to the American constitution as a model if she were drafting a constitution in the year 2012- must finally admit what is happening. We must come clean to ourselves about the great Saul Alinsky swindle. Or it will only get worse.

    America is in the late stages of a socialist revolution and in the middle of a non-kinetic civil war. What else can explain these bizarre and senseless things? Insanity, evil, oligarchy? It has never happened before right?

    Who are these people? We know who at least one of them is: the son of a Marxist mother named “Stanley” in the 1940s, left to be raised by Marxist grandfather who exposed him to “uncle” Frank Marshall Davis communist party lawyer/propagandist/Obama childhood mentor while the 11 year old boy would go into
    Honolulu red light district bar with pornographic depictions of Disney characters as Obama himself described in pig 77 of his autobiography. This was the son of Kenyan Marxist economist who wrote a critique entitled “problems with our socialism” or some such thing. That’s who these people are.

    In order to restore our constitution, economyand culture we must speak and show those who need to see what’s going on to vote the bums out of power and to mount an effective counterrevolution of ideas against those who believe in coercion and Saul alinsky strategy of deception and community “organizing” I.e. dividing and conquering the American people. Well its time to do some real community organizing now: only the truth will get us out of this mess. To shy from and to delay this task any longer is simply not an option its the WRONG ANSWER. We must expose the consequences/damage that results when these seditious utopian extremists and hacks attain power. Like president Reagan who faced them down when they were primarily the foreign enemy the USSR rather than the domestic tyrants and economic/Marxist re-education czars they are and violating offices and positions and using the titles as justification for undermining the very laws and foundations by which they claim authority to do so in the first place. Never stopping to think about why their utopian theories haven’t worked anywhere else in the world despite the fact that the pesky government limitations and form which supposedly interferes with their notion of how the world works not hindering them in those places by “virtue” of the fact of their absence there.

    Now that their game plan has been so exposed there is no excuse for all of us to spread the word just as Paul Revere did, to stop this evil and nonsense and these flagrantly unconstitutional and fundamentally unAmerican usurpations and violations of trust, ethics, and law as well as the enormously loud silence about them. The Iron curtain of LIEberal Saul Alinsky Marxist program will unravel once those within its illusions and false images /spin/ hollow incriminating criminal defense style tactics for subversion and sophistry/ see the error and place in the program which they believing they are in a neutral place really are instead: effectively neutralized, manipulated and drawn into the yoke and scam.

  4. Hello there! This article couldn’t be written any better! Looking at this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept preaching about this. I will send this information to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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