The Man the Marxist ‘Elite’ Fear: This Guy

August 2007 video, “No, I Will Not Comply! Period

He is a man of conviction.

He has the major facts down, about the Declaration and the Constitution.

He communicates the truth boldly.

He wears a purple shirt and tie, and black pants, with white athletic shoes.

He has guns and ammo.

h/t: Netty W. & Jim O.


  1. Water Shortages in the world and USA is whats driving the elite to hoard and consolidate wealth and resources and write restrictive regulatory policies that will ration and limit the majority of the populations activities as the freedom train comes grinding to a halt .

    Wake up and realize Exactly what happens once we run out of water?

  2. All in the Name of Reform Regulation of the American People ?????

    Destroying Health Care in America

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