Israel & Iran; a Quick Lecture to Anti-NWO Patriots Duped by Anti-Israel Propaganda

Video, President Obama, if you’re not going to stop Iran, let Israel do the job!

There is a longstanding propaganda campaign spreading through America and the world. It has gained a strong foothold in the very close to truth yet somewhat misguided campaign of Ron Paul for the U.S. Presidency.

It stems from satanic, anti-Jew hatred and in America, from the white supremacist movement.

There are many variations. Generally, this pack of lies, like so much other effective propaganda, attaches itself to kernels of  truth, here and there. Two elements of this truth are that, 1. a very evil banking complex runs much of the world and seeks to run more of it and historically, the Rothschild family (Jews of the Frankfurt ghetto in the 1700’s) control it and, 2. at least some of these Rothschilds were key financial factors in the reassembly of the nation of Israel on its Jerusalem based homeland, recognized in 1948.

In a Gulag Night netcast, in which we interviewed esteemed researcher of the global Marxist movement, Trevor Loudon, author of Barack Obama and the Enemies Within. As he informed, Israel was intended to be a communist state, affected at the time, by the Soviet Union (and of course eastern and western Europe’s Marxists).  However, being a sovereign nation filled with people of some common sense, it threw off that control.

Since then, the control-ravenous globalist movement has opposed free Israel, consistently and remonstrably. Of course they do; that is what they do: oppose the Sovereignty of nations and their resultant freedoms. It is doing so again, as Israel and the rest of the world in reach of the missile and nuclear technology being acquired by the 12th Imam jihadis of Iran become gravely threatened.

American Patriots:  Yes, kleptocratic globalists are the chief enemy of Sovereign thus free America. It is not a matter of ethnicity but of spirituality. If you are racist, you also side with our spiritual enemy and must repent. Let us focus on the enemy’s Frankfurt school domination of our cultural influences, their control of our politics and of our financial system, the United Nations, the broader neo-Marxist globalist movement, and the central bank complex which has schemed the money hierarchy to feed it all. Do not oppose God’s chosen nation received through Abraham’s forward looking faith, into which, in His eyes, true Christians are “in-grafted branches.” Or, what would one do, when he cuts off his own branch?

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  1. You really can’t argue with this guy’s logic. But him and the rest of Israel are going to have to gird their lions because Obama is not going to help them!

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