Interference in Sheriff Arpaio’s Obama Investigation; Orly Taitz a Saboteur?

Gulag Preface: We continue to monitor the pursuit of truth regarding Barack Obama’s alleged ineligibility per the “natural born Citizen” requirement for the Presidency of the U.S.A., as an element of the larger investigation into his life and liaisons.

As we ponder the coordinated assault upon sovereign America, of which players such as Barack Obama and George Soros are a part, were have gained from those who study Marxist revolutionaries in action, such large scale saboteurs are infamous for inserting lesser saboteurs and the lemming leadership of controlled opposition tactics into the ranks of their resistance.

Readers of the blog Investigating Obama (it has recently been laden, Google tells us, with malware pointing to a Russian domain, but with no exact solution presented at last observation) active especially in 2008-9, may be aware of my personal concerns about Orly Taitz in this regard.

It is not our task here, to chronicle a record of her recent career. We will not labor to present however many instances of her elbowing her way to the front of many eligibility challenges, only to falsely file, withhold critical information, disparage others in the movement, and to draw attention to herself in a way which makes her a straw man for ridiculing the entire effort. (Such a stratagem could be called first with the worst.) We have largely moved on to other subjects.

Further, one must be careful in the airing of such suspicions, lest it create a chilling effect upon our mutual efforts, even divisiveness and mutual suspicion among esteemed compatriots. But the time to mutually evaluate the modus operandi of Dr. Taitz is, in my opinion, long overdue. It is perplexing how one of such apparently high intelligence, overall talent, and tactical skill, so as to assume so many leadership roles, could be as consistently mistake prone as she.

Arlen Williams
Coordinating Publisher, Gulag Bound


Dean C. Haskins
The Birther Summit
February 8, 2012

Following an August 18 meeting with members of the Surprise, AZ Tea Party, Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that he had assigned an investigation into the presidential eligibility of Barack Obama to the privately-funded Cold Case Posse. Five of its most qualified investigators were tasked with leading the investigative work, and have been doing so in compliance with the highest standards of law enforcement investigation practices.

At the start of the process, it was estimated that their results would be released sometime after the first of the year; but, what should be understood is that law enforcement investigations simply take as long as they take. There is no way to predict exactly how long the compiling and processing of evidence will last, as leads tend to create additional leads, and they all take time to process properly.

Having communicated numerous times with sources very close to the investigation, I feel compelled to share some information from my perspective, as one who is not prohibited from commenting, since I am not a part of the actual investigation. Because of some misinformation that has been disseminated, I believe that Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse deserve these clarifications of the record, as they are the only controlling legal authority that has stepped up to the plate for us in these matters. Out of gratitude for their willingness to offer their professional law enforcement experience, I believe it is important for the country to know the truth before the March 1st press conference.

As most people are likely aware, during a law enforcement investigation, those who are conducting it cannot reveal any of the evidence they are examining, as doing so can often hamper the investigation itself. However, there has been a concerted effort by someone playing the role of an attorney (very poorly, I might add) to either hijack or sabotage this investigation, as was evidenced by her mailing an unenforceable, downloaded “subpoena” form from Georgia’s OSAH website. This was an attempt to “force” Sheriff Joe into prematurely revealing the products of his investigation, which, thankfully, was seen as the ignoble and ignorable act that it was. It was an attempted hijacking.

Being unsuccessful in hijacking the investigation, the next step was, predictably, sabotage. Very recently, she posted this statement on her website:


Before proceeding, I want to explain something important, as this is crucial to understanding what is repeatedly happening to our initiatives. Orly Taitz seems to display a need to attach herself to every possible aspect of our movement in a tireless effort to remain the self-exalted face of it. When she is hampered in her quests to hijack what others are trying to accomplish (to try to claim their efforts as her own), she will inevitably do all she can to sabotage them.

We’ve seen this behavior exhibited countless times in her derisive attacks and libelous claims of those within our movement, such as her recent absurd assertion that Mara Zebest and Tom Harrison were “totally worthless,” and “their opinion is of no value,” when both had declined to participate in the joke that was her hearing in Atlanta (what she still erroneously refers to as a “trial”). Since Zebest and Harrison denied her the opportunity to hijack their professional opinions about their own analyses, they had to be decimated and discredited, for such a denial might tip others off to Orly’s incompetence (as if Orly doesn’t do enough of that on her own). Claiming others’ work as her own is an effort to systematically exalt herself above everybody else in the movement.

This was also demonstrated in Taitz’s involvement in the Georgia Ballot Challenge hearings. The basis of the first two hearings had been underway long before she ever injected herself into the proceedings; and, once she did, the other two lawyers did everything they could to separate their cases from hers—and even symbolically left the courtroom before her “case” was heard. Even Judge Malihi’s findings made it clear that he perceived Taitz’s case much differently than he did those of Irion and Hatfield; and it was evident that he wanted to publicize that understanding. However, it has been reported that Taitz was the “lead attorney in the cases” and was “responsible for the cases being heard.” Those were demonstrable lies.

Where Sheriff Joe fits into this picture is that, what he has done, and is doing, is something that is significant, and according to sources very close to the investigation, Orly has repeatedly tried to hijack his efforts; and there is no other reasonable explanation than her wanting to be able to claim those efforts as her own. Each of her attempts to weasel into the investigation has been shut down by the Cold Case Posse.

Well, all except one.

On October 25, 2011, there was a joint meeting of the Sun City West, AZ and Surprise, AZ Tea Parties at which there was a presentation scheduled by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. While I am told there was great vigilance in making sure the presentation did not get hijacked, those involved in that lookout detail were informed shortly before the meeting that Orly Taitz was flying in, and had arranged for her own videographer. Obviously, someone within the organization had leaked the information, and what ensued, once Sheriff Joe opened the door to questions from the audience, was an obvious attempt at the aforementioned hijacking.

We all need to understand that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been in law enforcement for 51 years, and he doesn’t need any help from Orly Taitz to conduct an investigation. Of course, the only help that Orly offers any initiative within our movement is the same kind of “help” that the late Dr. Jack Kevorkian offered the elderly. There is no person or organization that has poisoned our efforts more than Orly Taitz has.

Recently, Orly posted this on her website:

Arpaio’s unwillingness to testify tells me that:
a. he does not have any new evidence aside from what I provided him.”

Folks, not only is that statement delusional, it is an outright lie.

It should be understood that the Cold Case Posse never considered any evidence submitted by Orly Taitz; but it developed, and successfully utilized many other sources of evidence. Early on in the investigation, Taitz attempted to provide evidence, and was instructed as to how to submit evidence to the MCSO/ Cold Case Posse. Unfortunately, and for reasons only she could know, she refused to follow those directions, so nothing she attempted to provide was ever considered.

Personally, I believe we owe many thanks to Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse for the wisdom exemplified in their insulating themselves from any efforts to hijack their service to Maricopa County and the American people.

Let us all learn well from their wisdom.

Every effort will be made to provide the preliminary findings of this investigation to the American people. Initially, it was planned to hold the press conference in a facility that could accommodate a very large group of those interested in witnessing it firsthand. However, it has recently been decided to hold the press conference in a much smaller venue, and to allow entrance to the event by invitation only. Based on what I have shared with you, I’ll just let you do the math on that one.

One of the sources close to the investigation shared with me a phone conversation he had with the dentist in which she requested his help in gaining a personal audience with Sheriff Joe. When he declined her request, she responded to him that he was “worthless,” and that he was part of “the controlled opposition.”

Sound familiar?

While there may still be some who believe that Orly Taitz advanced our cause in the past, many now question her motives, and understand the damage she continues to inflict on our efforts. Whatever her motives may be, it is time for her to stand down and let professional law enforcement proceed in its investigation without any further hampering or interference.

Additionally, sources close to the investigation are aware of rumors regarding possible attempts to turn the press conference into a “dog and pony show” with signs, demonstrators, and even banners flown by airplanes. As this press conference will reveal the preliminary results of a professional law enforcement investigation, such activity would be highly inappropriate, and could potentially cause the media to trivialize the entire process. It is requested that we respect the importance of this event, and refrain from any attempts to marginalize it with those kinds of activities.


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  1. Orly Taitz is a jew. Go figure! And you may call me anti-semitic if you like but those who call themselves jews are really mongols. Do your homework.

    Gulag Bound: (8:58pm CT) I’m leaving this up as an example of another kind of likely false-flag, falsehood ops. I’d be quite surprised if this were not from someone on the Obama side.
    – AW

    • Conservative Mark says

      What does her being Jewish have to do with it! What are you some kind of a moron? Jewish people can’t make a valid point? What I don’t understand is why the Secret Service, FBI and IRS are continuing to be derelict in their duties. Obama should be impeached and it should start NOW. Failure of anybody in this country to do anything just leads me to believe we are being sold out and a revolution is at hand. I WONT STAND FOR A NEW WORLD ORDER!

  2. I guess you people who hide under guest authors don’t want to see the truth shown I believe this article was written to be extremely Anti Semitic and this group is Anti Semitic, I think Geoffrey is the original writer and brought up the Jewish factor because he’s a NAZI like all Obama supporters and I understand that Dean C. Haskins and the others in the group were Democrats who just recently turned Republican and really represent Obama not We the People.

  3. It looks like the Anti-Smetic Bigots are out to smear Orly Taitz.

  4. Follow the money trail for this site…it’ll probably go back to the White House and Soros himself.

  5. Obama Lies are being told about Orly. I actually heard and saw the court case in person and these people from Article 2 were the Saboteur’s not Orly. If you watch the court show videos and listen carefully they put on they say Obama is a natural born citizen. This is a typical Obama move to remove credibility of a Jew or they are real anti Semites you know Nazis.

  6. I bet they even believe this is a Christian country and they go by history books written for Christian schools

  7. And there, above, we have the classic charge of racism again. See first Gulag Note, above. Further agitprop will be deleted.

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