Unsupportable Mitt Romney’s Deceit Caught on Video & Documented

How can this man call himself a “conservative?”

How can we possibly trust him with the presidency?

After what we have already been experiencing…

…how could we stand a perpetuation of the capture of the White House by the globalist bankster, state-capitalist complex?

…how could we endorse a man who like Obama forced Christian hospitals to issue the abortion drug, who allowed Planned Parenthood to be written by name into RomneyCare, who mandated same sex marriage in Massachusetts, and who remains publicly committed to the radical, homosexual political agenda, to the dissolution of our society’s fundamental building blocks of ontologically sane marriage and family?

…how could we vote for either Obama or the other side of the coin, Romney, in November?*

…how could we violate our own consciences,  by voting for a Quisling, one who sides with our pitched enemy?*

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“He never takes anything at face value; he can argue any side of a question.
And sometimes you think he’s like really believing his argument, but he’s not.”
– Ann Romney

* Romney is aggressively compliant with Agenda 21, Millennium Goals, which destroy American sovereignty, the very foundation for our freedoms. Agenda 21 & ICLEI establish unelected regional governance in America, soviet-style, instructed by one-world mandates. That is all we should need to know about any Quisling who would support it.


  1. Under no conditions would I get caught voting for Mitt Romney. Anyone who doesn’t study him and his record then votes for this moron will get what they deserve. Very little better than Obama! He would be another disaster for the US, taking his orders from George Soros, United Nations, not eliminating the horrible corrupt Federal Reserve!
    Ron Paul 2012!!!!!

    • Are you voting for Obama,because you only have two choices. Mitt and Obama any other vote or non vote will be for Obama simple as that.

      • James,

        Im pretty sure that the convention hasnt happened yet and I am not letting the media pick my candidate. So where you get off saying that there are only two choices, shows your misinformation and misguidance.

    • Romney is the devil. I will vote for Obama instead. Paul will not eliminate anything. There is a long way between talking the talk and getting it done. It Ron were going to get it done, he would have already. Newt did not wait to become president to do what needed doing, he found a way to get it done while he was still a member of the minority party of the house. If you ACTUALLY want the fed audited. There is one guy who has promised to do it, is known for for keeping his promises, and has SUCSEEDED at doing what he wanted done in the past. Paul is brilliant, now be as smart as he is and go with a guy who has proven he CAN get you what you want, instead of going wiht the guy who talks the talk and delivers nothing (like Santorum). Ron Paul is already acting out his best destiny, he is not equipped to be president. If he is, let him prove it by getting it done where he is (like Newt did).

      • Paul *WILL* eliminate a LOT which is why they are scared of him. He is also on the BALLOT and there will be two huge tea parties on his behalf… paulfestival.org and his own rally.

        Be there or be square!

      • Newt never met a big government program he didn’t like. Also, if Newt thought the country was going progressive, he’d be leading the parade just as he did in 2009 when he had his OWN managed health care group and was pushing the very same thing as Romney and Obama.

        Please. Newt. Old tired big government retread and not fit to be president morally either.

        Ron Paul could get little done because he’s the only one who ever respected the da**ed constitution!

  2. Wow, a bunch of statements taken out of context, five minutes of research could show that anyone one of these quotes is nothing but the worst kind of unsubstantiated hit piece that I would expected from leftists and conspiracy nut jobs. …as to Gary’s comment, clearly, unlike you, I have “stud[ied] him and his record” and have found every designs he made at Bain, at the Olympic, as Gov. of Massachusetts, and as a candidates to be informed by a conservative man with character and conservative principles, who sometimes chose the pragmatic as conservative as he could get path, rather than falling on his sword and letting the liberals get everything. I know of no relationship between him and Soros, (nor can I find one on the net) and as to the UN…explain to me why he would John Bolton’s endorsement if he is pro-UN?

    As to the Fed…well, sane people realize that as bad as the fed is, we have bigger issues to deal with first.

    • CharlieZangelGurl says


      Is a “fee” a tax or not?

      an honest person would say YES .
      Stop shilling for him and ADMIT there IS A PROBLEM with Mitt and its obvious

    • Arlen Williams says

      five minutes of research could show that anyone one of these quotes is nothing but the worst kind of unsubstantiated hit piece that I would expected from leftists and conspiracy nut jobs.

      Then, I suggest you do more than five minutes of research, like so many of the rest of us have done.

    • Thanks Chris, cuz I am scared to death after hearing Romney say that he agrees with Obama on the following issues: Affirmative action,Pro-choice, Gun control, Liberal justices, Tax increases, National mandated socialized medicine, Man made global warming, Cap and trade worldwide, Gay marriage, Minimum wage, TARP, The bank bailout….I’m sure the list goes on but it is tough to remember it all. My fears, of course, we amplified when I learned about all the people that funded Obama and now fund Romney, Like:Goldmann-Sachs: top donator Romney’12 and Obama’08. JP Morgan Chase: Number 2 donator Romney ’12 and Obama’08.Citigroup: 3rd for Obama’08, 5th for Romney’12.UBS: 4th for Obama’08, 14th for Romney’12.B of A: 5th for Obama’08, 6th for Romney’12.Morgan-Stanley: 3rd for Romney’12, 19th for Obama’08. I also have read atricles about socialst green groups funding Romney (Mybe cuz he is pro cap and trade and global warming?). If that wasn’t enough, I got even more scared when I started looking into people who “approve” (at least) of a Romney nomination like: Al Gore (who praised Romney’s position on climate), Jimmy Carter (Who would be very pleased with a Romney nomination), and George Soros (Who correctly points out that there would be no real difference between Romney and Obama). But as long as you have done your homework and know what you are talking about……….Just one thing, are you sure you and Romney are in the right Party?

  3. Romney’s Social ‘Justice’ on taxes:”for high income folks, we are going to cut back on that, so we make sure the top 1% pay their fair share or more”

    On immigration issues, Mitt Romney’s record is thin http://usat.ly/r48rn0

    Newt Gingrich vs. Mitt Romney; Comparing Conservative ‘Products of Work’ http://bit.ly/xW926U

    Mitt’s Politics of Division Will Backfire http://bit.ly/wd2hTv

    Mitt Romney is Reaganesque like Michael Moore is athletic http://bit.ly/yhFNt1

    50 Documented Bullet Points why Romney is unelectable http://is.gd/WO58G5

  4. I keep on saying this… How can Romney who could not beat McCain, that could not beat obama, beat obama? The answer… He can’t! He won’t! We’ll get obama for 4 more years. RomneyCare = obamacare. Romney supported Cap and Tax, Romney supported Tarp. Romney will not repeal obamacare because HE is a washington insider. Romney is in league with the Insurance industry and the Insurance Industry sees obamacare as putting more people in their coffers. They know Romney will not totally repeal obamacare. You wait. obamacare will be routed to the states to implement like ROMNEYCARE in Massachuesettes. Who is the beneficiaries of that? NO DUH! THE INSURANCE COMPANIES. It is a no brainer why the establishment is supporting Romney and why the insurance companies are supporting Romney. Its obamacare and Romneycare. Watch and see if I’m not right!

  5. Thanks! I have been looking for that Ann Romney quote!

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