Romney Forced Catholic Hospitals to Issue Abortion Pills, Obama-Style

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Originally published February 2, 2012, 7:23pm CST


Romney Told Catholic Hospitals to Administer Abortion Pills



February 2, 2012


A defining moment in Mitt Romney’s post-pro-life-conversion political career came in his third year as governor of Massachusetts, when he decided Catholic hospitals would be required under his interpretation of a new state law to give rape victims a drug that can induce abortions.

Romney announced this decision — saying it was the “right thing for hospitals” to do — just two days after he had taken the opposite position.

The story begins in 1975….


This is also documented by Kelleigh Nelson in her report,The Phony Right-Wing, Part 3: Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney,” in Gulag Bound. We will excerpt here, only that article’s segment on abortion:

Romney on Abortion

1994 – Romney stated, “I believe abortion should be safe and legal in this country. at

2001 – While campaigning in Utah, Romney said, “I am not pro-choice.” at

2002 – While in Massachusetts, Romney quipped, “I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose. at

2004 – Romney again magically became pro-life.  at

2005 – Once again in liberal Massachusetts, Romney spoke these words, “I am actually committed to my promise to maintain the status quo with regards to laws related to abortion and choice.  He even exempted Catholic and Christian hospitals from refusing the morning-after pill in case of rape. at

Not only does Romney not advocate a ban on embryonic research, he actually supports government funding for the lethal use of the tiniest children for research, demonstrating the falsity of both his conversion and his account of it. And yet many pro-family “leaders” have chosen to ignore the truth, and believe lies. at

Now on the campaign trail again, he’s saying he’s pro-life, but let’s look at his record.

After he claimed a pro-life conversion, Willard Mitt Romney

  • authorized tax-funded surgical elective abortion two years after he claimed he was pro-life. at
  • advocated grisly research on embryos after he claimed a pro-life conversion.
  • nominated a pro-abort Democrat judge after he claimed a pro-life conversiongave Planned Parenthood a permanent seat on a state board after he claimed a pro-life conversion.
  • bragged that he would continue to defend abortion “rights” after he claimed a pro-life conversion.

His record is absolutely shocking and in another campaign speech he stated he is personally pro-life, but doesn’t want to push his personal religious beliefs on society.  So, society’s cultural decline and the murder of 56 million innocent babies shouldn’t have any commentary from the religious sidelines?

To top it off, the Pro-Life Family Movement discredits themselves again and again.  Many conservatives repeat his false claim of being pro-life including Ann Coulter, saying “Romney governed as a pro-lifer.”  Jordan Sekulow through his father’s organization, ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) wrote, “Governor Romney would and still could make a great candidate.”  Jay Sekulow is a CNP member.  Tony Perkins (CNP) at the Family Research Council says Romney is, “solidly conservative across the board,” and a Focus Action Candidate Commentary video from Focus on the Family(CNP) shockingly agrees with Romney that, “on the social issues we are so similar.”  Remember, these groups are members of the secretive Council for National Policy and nearly all are UN-NGO’s.  As UN-non governmental organizations, they must agree with the planks of the Marxist UN to get NGO status.

These groups and people say all this of a man who:

  • funded abortion statewide through taxpayer monies
  • opposed a Massachusetts Defense of Marriage Constitutional amendment
  • said homosexuals should be allowed in the boy scouts
  • officially celebrated “Gay-Straight Youth Pride Day”
  • sat on the board of directors for a leading purveyor of pornography without opposing the corporation’s exploitation of women
  • instituted homosexual marriage
  • was ahead of Barack Obama in promoting government controlled health care.

Willard Mitt Romney states, “On every piece of legislation, I came down on the side of life.”

Update, February 4

A narrative of the events in Massachusetts concerning Gov. Romney’s behavior in their state mandate to Christian hospitals to issue abortion pills is presented by the Boston Globe’s Romney Shifted on ‘Conscience’ Issue,” 2/3/2012.



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