Follow Ron Paul’s Money too: Peter Thiel, Globalist, Bilderberger, GOProud Activist

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Ron Paul’s Biggest Supporter Is A Bilderberger, International Financier

World’s collide.The gay libertarian tech investor Peter Thiel, enthusiast of post-national ocean states, backed the SuperPAC.


The largest donor to a SuperPAC supporting Ron Paul is Peter Thiel, the sort of ultra-wealthy, super-national figure Paul and his supporters love to hate.

Thiel — who gave $900,000 to the pro-Paul group Endorse Liberty — made his fortune as the co-founder of PayPal; he was also an early investor in Facebook, and is now a major player in the world of high-tech venture capital. He’s also a devoted libertarian and devoted Republican: He hosted a fundraiser for the confrontational gay conservative group GOProud at his grand apartment off Union Square in 2010.

Thiel is also a member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group, the elite, invitation-only conference that’s the frequent subject of conspiracy theories.

“They probably get together and talk about how they’re going to control the banking systems of the world and natural resources,” Paul said in 2008.

Thiel shares, though, Paul’s anti-government, and anti-Establishment, impulses. He has funded a prize to encourage talented students to drop out of college, and is a major supporter of the cause of “Seasteading,” creating independent, water-borne cities free of national law.

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A previous item by Cliff Kincaid in Gulag Bound refers to this man: Republicans Raise Money for Gay Agenda.” Further information about Thiel may be found online.

It should also be underscored that Ron Paul’s libertarian political philosophy is revisionist philosophy, not the authentic political philosophy of America’s founders and our Constitution’s framers. Libertarianism makes a mistake similar to that of progressivism, in positing its maxims, vision, and goals as if our Constitution may be removed from the foundational principles of the Declaration of Independence., our national charter.

Also, Rep. Paul’s Austrian School economics are not only inauthentic to America’s foundational economic philosophy (based  in large part upon Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations and in turn, the principles of the Bible) it is an inherently globalist economic philosophy which eschews national guardianship of the economic health and freedom of sovereign nations. As such, it is subject to the kind of Mutually Assured Economic Destruction that we currently face, stemming from the world’s crises of European dominated government insolvency and banking hubris.

And gold standard? We had better find out where the gold really is, and how much, before we ever move to a gold standard. Further, any standard of a nation’s currency must be that nation’s standard, not global. I humbly suggest we think of what is meant by calling money “Sovereign” and then ponder what happens with global currency and concomitant global governance in the prophecy of the book of the Revelation to John.

Nations are accountable to God, each for its own nation’s governance. Governance of a nation’s sovereign currency is a key element of this, as is governance over its preservation of that nation’s Right to Life and its acknowledgment of the essential meaning of marriage, any sane and functional culture’s fundamental societal relationship.

Personally, would I vote for Ron Paul over Barack Obama? Easily. Of the four GOP candidates, I would refuse to vote for the bankster-backed, Agenda-21 implementing Hollow Man, Mitt Romney, if he were nominated. I suggest looking to and questioning Newt Gingrich, who still has a chance to win the GOP nomination and who is apparently shifting from previous positions to committing to stand for the Sovereignty of the United States of America. Rick Santorum’s record is not unalarming and that should be presented in Gulag Bound by Kelleigh Nelson, soon.


  1. Austrians and Ron Paul don’t advocate a gold standard in the simpleton way you imagine. They advocate a private competitive currency market, which you would know if you read any of their books, like Hayek’s the denationalization of money or Lawrence White’s Competition and currency.

    The fact that you don’t understand that, or what the differences are between Austrians and the earlier schools like Smith or Ricardo, show that you really aren’t competent to cover Paul. Or understand our plight, which is almost entirely due to having a state monopoly currency that is used to centrally plan interest rates and buy government debt to finance government expansion.

    • You presume much, Bruce. We are not failing monetarily due to a national currency. We are failing due to Congress abdicating its responsibility to manage our national monetary policy, to the Rothschild complex through the Federal Reserve.

      Paul, on the other hand, as a “good” Austrian and libertarian, wants American sovereignty broken down regarding our monetary policy. Paul is no federalist, constitutionalist here. American money must be American money, by the founders’ and framers’ designs, in order for America to be a truly independent nation, free of any manner of colonialism, including monetary colonialism (and balkanization).

      As per the presidency, see Jefferson, Jackson, and Lincoln on the matter, not Paul or the other semi-Rousseauian, semi-utopian, globalist libertarians trained in foreign schools of thought. They must not “tread on” us.

  2. What a sadly misguided article.

    For one, Ron Paul supporters do not hate people just because they have money. I believe you are confusing their animosity toward crony capitalists and big government power brokers that have abused and distorted our economic system. That is not the same as the petty class warfare sentiment you are attributing to them.

    Secondly, the veiled anti-gay sentiment of your assessment is really quite sad. What difference does it make if someone is gay that donated to a PAC?

    Thirdly, Ron Paul does not control who donates to these SuperPACs, what ads they run, or anything else. Anyone thinking they can “buy” Ron Paul is sorely mistaken, as his reputation in that regard precedes him. During his years in Congress, party leadership wouldn’t even bother trying to get his vote. He is principled, and stands by his position.

    Fourth, equating free trade with being a “globalist” and surrendering sovereignty is myopic at best, and more accurately described as deliberately misleading. With sound currency and bilateral free trade arrangements, our economic sovereignty would be strengthened by virtue of the system, not weakened. Open trade and economic engagement is what not only furthers our economic goals but our political ones as well.

    The US has already had failed national currencies in the past. This notion of “sovereign money” ultimately leads us to the same predicament we are in now, it opens up the value of our money to debauchery and arbitrary devaluation, putting our economic health in the hands of central banker madmen that have ridden us on a harrowing roller coaster of booms and busts for the last century when that was precisely what they promised to be able to save us from. No sir, “sovereign money” is not nearly as important as SOUND money. Good money chases out bad, with competition in the marketplace, we the people will determine the best money to use.

    This Federal Government obviously has no interest in God, and certainly shouldn’t be telling us who to marry. Everything they touch turns into a nightmare, for the life of me I do not know why you would want them regulating personal relationships. And THEN you have the utter gall to go from talking about marriage being a fundamental societal relationship to suggest we look at serial philanderer NEWT GINGRICH? Have you no shame sir?

    • Clarity,

      I express no veiled anti-gay sentiment. I love homosexuals and wish them free of sin, disorientation, and handicap, just as with any other sin, disorientation, or handicap.

      Calling coupling of homosexual people “marriage,” however is a very severe absurdity and destructive to society.

      Has Ron Paul done anything averse to Thiel’s own political interests, or fitting? What does it show about Paul?

      If you don’t understand how international trade that is not nationally guarded affects national sovereignty and endangers economies worldwide, I don’t think I have time to inform you at present. I suggest you learn more about Adam Smith (and the Tower of Babel).

      The Federal Government is instituted by God and should honor God, of course. Federal government touches your car tires on the highway, is it a nightmare for you to drive?

      Let people barter and trade freely, within the U.S.A. – and with suitable controls, internationally. That is our founders’ and framers’ intention.

      “Have you no shame, sir?” — good grief, do you know who uttered that? Frankfurt school Marxist, Edward R. Murrow. It doesn’t fit your context well, either, I don’t think. BTW, do you have inside knowledge of Newt Gingrich’s present behavior, to call him by that epithet?

  3. Clarity,

    Right on!


    Are you referring to the famous line: “Have you no decency, sir?”said Senator Joseph McCarthy at the Army-McCarthy hearings? That was Joseph Welch who said that, not Edward R. Murrow.

  4. Typo: “said TO Senator Joseph McCarthy”


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