Drunk Driver Kills Nun; By The Way, He Was An Illegal Immigrant

As reported by nbcwashington.com

“Denise Mosier, a 66-year-old nun, was killed in a collision in Prince William County when police said a drunken driver crossed the center line and hit the car she was riding in head-on.

The three nuns in the car were headed to a retreat at the Saint Benedict Monastery in Bristow about five miles away from the scene of the crash on Bristow Road near Wright Lane at about 8:20 a.m. Sunday.”

“Police said Carlos Martinelly-Montano, 23, of Bristow, was behind the wheel of the Subaru Outback that hit the nuns. He is an illegal immigrant who was out on bond awaiting a deportation hearing, police said Monday.”

“He’s been charged with DUI for the third time in five years, involuntary manslaughter and driving on a revoked license related to a DUI offense, according to Prince William County police Officer Jonathan Perok. News4’s Julie Carey has learned that Prince William County Commonwealth Attorney Paul Ebert will ask the jury to return a felony murder indictment against Martinelly-Montano next month. Ebert has never done this before with a drunken driving fatality, but he researched it, and felony murder includes “an unintended death in commission of a felony.” The third DUI is the felony.

Prince William County police notified U.S. Immigration and Naturalization officials about Montano after his second drunken driving arrest in October 2008, Perok said. Immigration officials said a shortage of detention space forces them to make tough decisions about which illegal immigrants to detain and which to let go during deportation proceedings.”

I am sure that you have heard this tragic story in the news, but I challenge you to research and find out how many accidents are caused by illegal immigrants every day all over this country.  You will find that the Census Department keeps records by State, by Licensed Driver, by Blood Alcohol Level and by speed, but the assumption is that all drivers are citizens and no mention is made of unlicensed or undocumented illegal immigrant drivers.


It apparently is impolite to speak of such things, so the last article I could find with the pertinent information is a little dated, but I think you can extrapolate exponentially.  If you can find more recent statistics, please feel free to add them in comments.


The main stream media believes the citizenship status of a criminal is a tangential issue, not worth mentioning.  Let me ask you; if illegal immigrants cause most of the  fatal accidents and these also result in millions and millions of dollars in unpaid medical treatment and rising medical costs for everyone, is this a tangential issue?  Shouldn’t this be news? Will amnesty make all of these accidents go away?

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