Sothern Poverty Law Center Attacks for the Radical Homosexual Agenda

Mark Potok, SPLC "Senior Fellow, Intelligence Project" (think Spanish Inquisition, Marxist & NAZI purges, etc.)

From the Communists of 1917 Russia and before, the global Marxist Revolution has been in part, a sexual revolution. Its objectives include the removal of morality and godliness from sexuality, sexuality from marital boundaries, and children from parent led families.

Looks pretty evil, does it not? When individuals naturally organize in families that do not need the state to meet their basic needs, they must be broken down and destroyed, for the control of the authoritarian elite.

In the Trotskyite, Gramsciite, Alinskyite days of the present in America, the Southern Poverty Law Center does much of the Marxist violence, through civil suits and even concocted criminal accusations, subversively working with law enforcement and prosecutorial figures in our own governments.

They carry out their work with a religious zeal of Antichristian magnitude, something quite bloodthirsty by nature, as history shows.

From the highly recommended organization, Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, Peter Labarbera, President:

VIDEO: Matt Barber Speech at AFTAH Press Conference Condemning Southern Poverty Law Center

The following is the speech made by Matt Barber at the AFTAH-sponsored press conference January 17, 2012, outside the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) — condemning the SPLC’s politicized designation of Americans For Truth and other pro-family organizations as “hate groups.” Barber is Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action, and Board Chairman of AFTAH:

Video, “Matt Barber,” uploaded January 19, 2012

BTW, of the GOP Presidential candidates, Mitt Romney is the one who backs the radical “gay” agenda, including the ontological absurdity of homosexual marriage.

BTW2, concerning two who have been running a smear campaign against Newt Gingrich in this political season, Ann Coulter supports the “gay” agenda, while Glenn Beck consistently brushes it aside, as they lately do Mitt Romney’s own dirty work, whatever degree conscious or acceded.


  1. The SPLC is basically a six pack of morons who call anybody that is not white a hate mongering racist gangster. The state law enforcement agency that I work for used to get the SPLC’s magazine and other periodicals until the SPLC called kindergardeners racist gangland punks. I reside in a blue state, so that’s how bad it is with these idiots. Do us all a favor, just ignore them, they are nothing more than a scourge on white people. Those mush brains thrive on this kind of publicity, I think the only two people left that read their magazine are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, now that’s a pair that will beat a full house!!

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