Obama: A Very Angry Outsider is Coming for You in November – PE

By Dr. Laurie Roth
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The gloves come off – my claws and fangs are growing – move on out Mr. flip off America Obama. Obama is systematically and quickly putting in place a tyrannical, Communistic dictatorship. This is SO not tinfoil helmet and conspiracy theory anymore. We have already followed and watched in horror, (no thanks to mainstream news) as he signed into law the grossly unconstitutional NDAA bill, violating Posse Comitatus and our Miranda rights. This betrayal has set up the indefinite and legal seizure of conservatives and patriots who dare to confront Obama.

Obama gets to define terrorist activities before he points our soldiers at us. The NDAA Bill is war against the American constitution and the people. It must be undone by the next President. I will do that if you help me get elected. Romney won’t undo this bill because he said in the last Debate he supported it. Gingrich would be too busy opening our borders and shredding our sovereignty, per his own statements.

Obama is obviously preparing for Martial Law and massive societal controls. Notice the first time ever, massive in size, military ‘urban war practice’ in several cities across America but notably L.A. Commentator Sher Zieve pointed out on my national radio show this week about hundreds of tanks being shipped Southward in California. She also pointed out that Police have been issued military weapons and are working with the military in L.A. in urban warfare practice. The public has been ordered to stay away. Something is up. This has never happened, especially on this scale. Obama is planning for Martial law and upheaval by the public.

Remember, Obama has already activated over 72 FEMA camps and the Federal Government is now starting to pay and control various police department jobs. He has always pushed to have a national police force he controls. He now has an emerging, national police force and military that can now focus on US citizens. His plan is almost complete. This is no time to talk nice or hide in ‘sound bite’ fear.

It was never about race with me. I love black people and am thrilled there are so many black leaders all across our country. Being black has never been the issue with Obama. It is that his whole life has been supporting anti Americanism, feeding hatred for America and her Constitution. He and his wife have even attending flag burnings, per his own words. He is an enemy to America, her Constitution and Judeo-Christian values. He must be thrown out in 2012. I will do it if you will let me.

Obama has trashed the people and the Constitution with his forced and unaffordable Obama care, now being reviewed by the Supreme Court. 2/3rds of our States have stood against this forced betrayal along with 2 Federal Judges. Hiding behind all the usual games of ‘put on’ empathy and concern for America’s health needs, he created a forced dictatorial system, controlled by the IRS, filled with lies about care, taxation and threats. It was never designed to meet the health care needs of the American people but instead meant as a ‘Hilter’ like weapon of control, lead by our beloved IRS. Obama has given America, Forced Government improved health insurance; control over what was our private health care information. The IRS will know what goes in and out of our accounts and fines and threats if we don’t obey.

Our accounts would be taken over or frozen if we are too naughty and defiant about the rules. Obama care was and is only about controlling the people, our accounts, aborting more babies and assisting more seniors to death’s door. It is evil. It is unAmerican and if you elect me your ‘outsider’ President, I will destroy it using all power and legal influence I have. I will follow the U.S. Constitution to the letter.

Obama has been dismantling our military and gleefully states he plans to make it only capeable of handling a one front war for a limited time, not a two front war as we have been fighting now. Before he started dismantling our military he dismantled and assaulted our nuclear lead by signing the START treaty with Russia.

His own words, clear back in 2008 on ‘Meet the Press’ told America of his twisted and anti American world view. How is it that over half the country ignored the obvious middle finger over and over from this guy? We must learn from our mistake and never vote an unvetted and UNAmerican Candidate in again!

Obama believes that Islamic countries are peaceful and we should model the U.S. after them. What part should we model, the Sharia law part that is the skeletal structure of all their Government structures? I personally am most fond of the part in Sharia law that allows beatings and rapings of Muslim wives by Muslim husbands, execution of gays, execution of those who change to another faith, stoning or whippings of rape victims if they don’t have 4 witnesses. Then there is the peaceful wonder of constant teaching and preaching about violent Jihad and annihilation of the Infidels, Christians, Jews and people of difference.

We have seen peace unfold all over Islamic controlled Africa, with thousands of Christians being murdered and the rest ordered to leave. Nigeria is an Islamic inspired blood bath right now aimed at Christians. Egypt continues its murderous spree against Coptic Christians and attacks while threats and murders continue against Christians, Jews and anyone who wants anything different. Let’s have a moment of silence.

With all the bloody evidence wherever Islam controls anything, Obama still has quadrupled Visas to Saudi Muslims, brought in members of Hamas and employed many Muslim Brotherhood members throughout his Government. Congress and the Senate say nothing. Politicians and most media say nothing. They are simply bought off cowards!

There will be no Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas or Muslim working in my Cabinet or assigned to any Judicial position. In fact, I will work within my power to ban Sharia law from ever appearing anywhere near any US court. I am not against Muslims living in America and in peace. However, their devotion to the Koran and Sharia Law trumps any devotion and loyalty to our Constitution and laws. That is a national security risk. There have been more than a few honor killings, shootings and near terrorist attacks. There have been murders of our military at the hands of Muslim soldiers, even officers. These assaults have all been in the U.S. The Muslim perpetrators all thought they were doing their duty to Allah, not acting as criminals. We need a President who will protect America, not Muslim sensibilities and activist groups.

Obama must go in November 2012. Gingrich and Romney are no better than Obama. Between them they represent affairs, attacking our sovereignty, denying real border security, support of gay marriage, abortion, the NDAA bill, new world order and global elitism.

Next time someone tells you that the only choice is GOP next November, remember the only Constitutional Christian Conservative and Patriot who is also running for President is Dr. Laurie Roth. We can get this done together if you will sign up and volunteer to get me signatures in the 50 states. Spread the word to your lists and contacts. We will have to work for this, but we can do this. www.laurieroth2012.com.


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  1. Obama care can be fought in a court of law and I may have to take care of this my self as no lawyer or attorney will do it [un-written rules or threats] . But without doubt its UnConstitutional and I bet I can take it down with all its contents along with it too.


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