Obama and his Syndicate: Some Good (Obama Eligibility Hearing) and some Chillingly Bad News

First the good news.  Yesterday–26 January–I watched live feed of an extraordinary event.  The setting was a courtroom in Georgia and the presiding jurist was Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi.  The case centered around and on Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to be placed on the Georgia ballot in the upcoming 2012 General Election(s).  During the hearing, 3 attorneys–Orly Taitz, Van Irion and J. Mark Hatfield–presented their witnesses and individual ineligibility cases brought against Mr. Obama.  Neither Obama nor his attorney Michael Jablonski were in attendance–both having opted to avoid and skip the proceedings altogether–and none of the court’s required production of Obama’s eligibility was provided.

Note:  Jablonski seems to be perpetuating the long-standing myth that his client is above the law and now–by association–he appears to be operating under the delusion that he is, also.  This brings up the interesting possibility of Atty. Jablonski–having provided no apparent legal reason for his non-attendance–being subject to revocation of his license to practice law in the State of Georgia.  But, that’s a discussion for another time.

The evidence presented was strong and there appears to be, at least, a 50-50 chance of Judge Malihi and the State of Georgia ruling in plaintiffs’ favor.  Judge Malihi will file a report, including his recommendations, with the Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp.  When a decision is given by Judge Malihi, this will be the first time that any ruling on the merits of Obama’s eligibility will have been rendered.  Note:  After yesterday’s hearing there was some indication that Judge Malihi was planning to rule for the plaintiffs.  But, I have been unable to confirm the report.

Now the extremely bad news for US citizens.  First, on 19 January 2012, multiple videos were made of a shipment–via rail–of hundreds of Bradley tanks and related equipment moving from Northern California Southward.  Then, a few days later, the US military, DHS and local LAPD leaders advised of military drills on the streets of Los Angeles.  Note:  Said streets, we are advised, will remain secret and no one will be allowed in or out while the ’drills’ are going on.  If that’s true and civilians are cordoned off and allowed nether entry nor exit, Martial Law will already be in place.

The US military, Department of Homeland Security and LOCAL Police are conducting “urban warfare exercises” in recent and unprecedented “showings of force” under the now undeniable (by any intelligent beings) Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama.  These military forces are inhabiting the streets and air of and over Los Angeles, Boston, Little Rock, Miami and Colorado amongst others.   At a joint meeting between DHS, US Army Garrison-Fort Carson and IMCOM (Installation Management Command) in June 2011, the reason for the seminar was given as:  “The focus of the two-day seminar was to evaluate installation performance and develop corrective action plans to improve and maintain emergency preparedness, prevent hostile acts, protect Soldiers, Family members and civilians, and improve response and recovery capabilities.”  Hostile acts?  If this true “emergency preparedness” to what hostile acts might they be referring?  And what would cause these hostile acts?  Certainly not the supposed ‘weather emergencies’ they are trying to push onto the American people.  When did a tornado cause hostile acts from the American public?

Black Hawk helicopters were filmed flying around and over bank buildings in both Los Angeles and Miami.  Military personnel are seen flying in position-ready mode to shoot at targets (that’s people) on the ground.  Yet, these exercises are billed as ‘for some future foreign adventure’.  Really?  We are going to fly our Black Hawks over the banks of foreign countries, in order to protect them while, in actuality, hundreds of tanks (at least a Brigade) are being sent to our own cities?  No.  As Judge Judith Sheindlin (aka Judge Judy) often says:  “If it doesn’t make sense, it isn’t true.”

Is Obama’s violent Martial Law almost upon us?  It sure looks as if the positioning under the guise of “exercises” is underway and being implemented.  And…what about those tanks that appear to have been sent to Los Angeles?  Wonder where they’re being stored?  So do I.

One thing is now very clear.  Obama, his DHS, the US Military and local law enforcement (who by the way would not be deployed to foreign soil) appear to be working to take down US citizens in fairly short order.  Soon they will come for any and all of our weapons.  Hitler did it in Germany under the pretense of “It will help us protect you” in the 1930s.  After that came the (at least) six-million Jews’ Holocaust.  Although I have heard many times that US citizens won’t allow it, I have strong doubts.  US citizens are already allowing their small children and the elderly to be sexually groped and prodded by perverse TSA employees–their own children, folks!

Will you be courageous enough to fight against the tyranny that has, already, almost totally encompassed us?  Or, will you submit to the imposition of your complete slavery?  The decision shortly will be forced upon us all.

“Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have.”–President Ronald Reagan

VIDEO: Military Helicopters Conduct Covert Exercises Over U.S. Bank Building:
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Military Exercises in Downtown LA:
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Joint military exercises in Boston, LA, Little Rock in past six months:
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BREAKING! MILITARY EQUIPMENT Filmed 1\19\12 near Santa Cruz, Southbound:
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Sher Zieve is an author and political commentator. Zieve’s op-ed columns are widely carried by multiple internet journals and sites, and she also writes hard news.

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  1. Hussein would have rather a great seal of trouble convincing troops who vote 70-30 AGAINST HIM to begin supporting his Regime in an attempt to enslave the American people. The majority of those troops would be firing on the White House by the time push came to shove!. AND there would be perhaps 7-9 million armed Americans willing to take a stand against the remainder.

  2. “An invasion would be insane, there’s a rifle behind every blade of grass” said a Japanese commander during WWII. The US government isn’t that wise.

  3. Obama thinks he is omnipotent NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  4. He never should have been appointed..he is indeed a rascal of the worst kind, he is another Hussein just as Leahy, Boxer, Pelosi and others are………..

  5. “Disobedience to Tyrants is Obedience to GOD!!!!!!” (Benjamin Franklin)

  6. Well it will be a suprise when a majority of troops refuse to follow Un-Constitutional orders and take their equipment and side with Citizens.. We still have honorable men in the United States, not all will side with this 5th Column movement to destroy America..


    • True, but scuttlebutt has it that foreign troops are already on U.S. soil. Would they have any qualms about wearing U.S. military uniforms and assaulting U.S. citizens? I think not.

      • There are 80 milion gun owners in America owning over 250 million guns.. Over half hunt big game. Most have had some sort of stuctured training not counting those who have military training.. This group of American gun owners out number the standing military of every country in the world.. The United States has about 3 million, Communist China has approx 4.5 Million.. See:


        Now if each gun owner supplied just one gun to an unarmed Citizen we would immidiately nearly double our armed numbers.. And remember also there are Citizens who hold FFL Licenses for fully automatic machine guns, rocket lauchers, tanks, artillery and a host of other leathal weapons..

        If things come down to it. UN troops or not they will face more than just granny with a pop gun..

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