Default Judgment Against Obama Discussed: Today’s Eligibility Hearing in Georgia

Coverage by Charles Kerchner in his CDR Kerchner’s Blog

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Obama Challenge Hearing – Gavel to Gavel Live Video Stream Coverage from Atlanta GA

See live coverage at 9 a.m. EST 26 Jan 2012 here:

Update 12:45 pm : Based on watching the live feed. Obama’s attorney was a no show. Hearing was conducted without him. At least one of the attorney’s pointed out to the judge that Obama’s attorney not showing up was showing contempt to the court and to the entire judicial system. There was a short private meeting in the Judge’s chambers prior to the start of the hearing. The hearing ended after about two hours of presentation by the various lawyers for the plaintiff’s side including getting testimony from witnesses and presenting the court exhibits and Supreme Court case law covering the issue of natural born Citizenship and that Obama is not “natural born Citizen of the United States” and thus is not eligible to be on the GA ballot. Atty Taitz also introduced evidence and witness testimony regarding Obama’s identity fraud activities regarding the Connecticut SSN and the forged online birth certificate. The judge is allowing some additional time for the both sides to submit written briefs to him before he makes his decision. As I understand it, he will decide the outcome sometime in early February. More details will be posted as additional information is provided by those who physically attended the hearing.

Update 1:05 pm: Per telecon between G Wilmott and Dean Haskins which was relayed to me. Dean Haskins who was in the courtroom this morning assisting with the Art 2Pac live stream. Judge Malihi talked to the attorneys in chambers before the hearing this morning and told them that he was going to enter a DEFAULT JUDGMENT against Obama and recommend that Obama’s name not be on the Georgia ballot! All the attorneys expressed a desire to put an abbreviated streamlined case on the record and the judge agreed. How does the mainstream media spin this? The Georgia SOS has already indicated that he will follow the judge’s recommendation. Obama will not get any popular vote or electors from the great state of Georgia! Congratulations to all freedom-loving Americans!

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Obama's Oath of Office Redux

For further information on the proceeding in the actual courtroom, see: Courtroom Details of Obama’s 1/26 Eligibility Hearing, Georgia.”


  1. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people most of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time…( Abe Lincoln). The fool of fool’s ran out of his bullshi*t, and Ga, found him out.

  2. You guys do know this was an Administrative Hearing, it’s not part of the “judicial system”. And you guys do know Malihi can’t issue a “default judgement”. All he can do is make a recommendation to the Georgia Sec of State.

    You guys do know those things dontca?

  3. Does the default judgement against Obama by Judge Malihi today mean that Judge Malihi will (or already has) formally recommended to the Sec of State that latter not allow Obama’s name on the ballot? If so, what is the purpose of the his upcoming “ruling” on Feb 5th?

  4. If all of you think his birth certificate is fake, then your birth certificates are fake too. You just don’t like and will not accept this president because of his color. Grow up and stop acting like spoiled children.

    • concerned citizen says

      Are you seriously kidding me? You are out of your mind. The Birth Certificate is fake….first on based on the software used to create the document secondly…Hmmmm, Kenya was not called Kenya in 1961, the hospital listed as Obama’s birthplace did not exist under that name until the ’70’s and the term “African American” was not used in 1961 and would never have been listed on a birth certificate in 1961.

      As far as the color of his skin – first, he is not Black he is mixed. Secondly, I was really liking Cain – but only because Allen West didn’t run. If you don’t know who Allen West is, he is a senator in Florida…he is a great man, smart man, conservative man….oh, I almost forgot, he is a black man. 100%! not 50% :-) It’s rumored he will accept the offer to run as Vice President with Gingrich should he make it. I sure hope he does. My vote would be for West.

      I am so sick of people thinking that if you don’t care for Obama that it is because he is black! It’s because he is ruining this country and he is a complete fool!

      • DITTO !!!!!

      • > The Birth Certificate is fake…

        So you’re saying that the State of Hawaii, which has repeatedly certified that the Birth Certificate that they have on hand is the real and true record, and which they provided a digital record of, is lying.

        That you and all other ‘Birth Certificates are fake’ pundits know better than the State that has it on record and has verified it is NOT a fake.

        • I will count down from 10, and you will feel yourself falling asleep… No real harm will come to you..10,9, you are somewhat safe, nothing came to harm you here, 8, 7, you are feeling sleepy and your eyes are getting heavier… 5, 4, you can not keep your eyes open, you are feeling very comfortable and open to controversial suggestion..3, 2, you are now asleep 1:
          you will turn over you free will to Obama
          you will not think rationally when questioned about facts.
          Facts do not matter
          Obama is supreme, The One, can not be stopped
          You will never wake up and will continue to be Obama’s loyal puppet
          You will say what we tell you when we tell you and how we tell you.
          If anyone Opposes Obama, you will report it to Janet napolitano for immediate arrest and you will recieve a blessing of nothing and like it.

          You may now go, please send in the next dolt. I mean idiot, I mean sucker, just send the next person in.;l;

          • Robert, you hit the nail on the head! Obama supporters cry racism the second he is attacked!
            They are programmed robots with no mind to think with themselves. Remember this folks: NO VETERAN EVER FOUGHT FOR SOCIALISM! ONLY FREEDOM!

        • We’re saying that no official from the State of Hawaii has ever verified any of the images posted online alleged to be of Obama’s original short-form or long-form birth certificate as matching what they have on hand as Obama’s real and true record. As a matter of fact the certifying statement on the image of Obama’s alleged long-form birth certificate posted on the White House web-site on 4/27/11 proves it could be an “ABSTRACT” in lieu of a “TRUE COPY”.

      • Amen…concerned citizen….However, if he weren’t a half breed it would have never gotten this far!

    • The law is the law! Why don’t you just grow up and respect the U.S. Consistution?! ..and grow up and quit conveniently accusing people of being ‘racist’? Don’t forget this point,… Herman Cain, Allen West, and several other well-liked and prominant conservatives are Black! …and any one of these Black conservatives are brighter than Barrack Obama, Eric Holder, and Al Sharpton combined!
      We can’t have our country being sold out to foriegners, or we wouldn’t be the United States of America any more!
      You, yourself, grow up and open your eyes!

    • Michelle Johnson says

      You are right. We don’t like this president but, it has nothing to do with the color of his skin…….

  5. It, after all, would be totally unreasonable and racist to rob Obama of his birthrite.
    That of being a legal citizen of the British Colony of Kenya, inherited from his father.

  6. I recommend that we as an American people rise up and do the right thing by demanding Mr. Obama step down. He is not legit and he is a fraud. His contempt for our legal system has been proven 24/7 and he must be extracted from the white house. His Attorney should be disbarred for not following the law of the land and furthermore, both should be arrested for failing to answer a Subpoena any body else who ignored this would be arrested , dragged into court and fined.

  7. Thank God the true evidence for this fraud to American and her true citizens is finally being brought into the light. I believe God and he does bring falsehood and lies into the light of day so everyone can see the deceivers of satan in our midst. I pray that it will not take us waiting until the election. I say boot the obuma out now!!!!!

  8. If Jablonski files a brief by Feb 1, will he be un-defaulted?

  9. …”and the meek shall inherit the earth”…. leaves most politicians out. now gotta go pray for ’em.

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