Al Garza on the Minutemen, FEMA Camps and Who Should be Our Next President

Al Garza, photo from Sonoran News

One of the more extraordinary people of our time is a gentleman by the name of Al Garza. I recently had the distinct pleasure of interviewing this interesting man about what he has done, what he is doing now and who he plans to support in the upcoming US presidential race.

A portion of Al’s Bio reads: “Al Garza stands out as a national expert on the issues surrounding Homeland security, border security, immigration law, and the illegal immigration crisis. While originally serving as Executive Director of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Garza became one of the most well respected national leaders within the border security movement for building coalitions and generating interest for the movement by building dozens of state and local chapters.

“Garza continues challenging our government’s ambiguity on open border policies & enforcement of immigration laws. He laments that politicians have ignored the “Oath of Affirmation” mandating allegiance to the United States Constitution. He advocates for diplomatic sanctions against foreign countries that encourage illegal entry into the United States. Our national security incurs serious jeopardy due to politician’s dereliction of duty. We must continue reminding them that this is a nation of laws. Laws govern what the Congress is empowered to do–either to justify their actions or to demonstrate when they are unlawfully operating beyond their bounds–no matter how well intentioned.

“He praises & supports immigrants of all nationalities and without prejudice or bias. He welcomes everyone to the land of opportunity, but, he also believes in the legal process of immigration, and that no one is exempt from our laws or should receive amnesty for violating them.”

The Interview

Sher:  What a pleasure it has been to meet and talk with you, Al. Thanks so much for giving me and my readers your time, today. First, would you tell us what prompted you to become one of the Founders of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Project?

Al:  There were three essential reasons, Rule of law, public safety, and national security. I found all three of these components had been compromised and essentially obliterated in order to accommodate open border policies.

I reside in what I consider to be one of the most colorful and most delightful counties in Arizona. There is, however, an uncanny battle at our borders which I found both alarming & extremely suspicious. When I heard the terms ‘open border policies‘, ‘jobs Americans won’t do‘, ‘human & civil rights‘ and ‘Mexico is our friendly neighbor‘ I went into a rage. We are the most compassionate nation in the universe, issuing more than a million visas per annum, yet our borders remain completely unobstructed to the illegal onslaught. I saw more than cheap labor; I saw a national crisis and an uncontrolled foreign invasion. I launched my own border probing mission and ironically ran into a handful of citizens who shared my concerns regarding our national security. We ultimately allied and became the largest activist movement of its kind in American history, later to become known as, the Minuteman Civil defense Corps.

Sher: The US federal government seemed to utilize much of its power to stop the Minutemen and allow illegal immigration of any and all alien comers to the USA to continue. Sadly, that hasn’t changed. We haven’t heard much about the Minuteman project, recently. Is it still active on any particular front or has it, essentially, disbanded?

Al:  The Minuteman movement challenged our elected officials and put their feet to the fire. Their claim that our borders could not be secured, and that illegal aliens now living among us could not be deported, were subsequently put to the task. The Minutemen did in 10 days what our gutless representatives wouldn’t do and continued to evade; we shut down reputed dangerous and heavily traveled areas in my county without one incident. Not one. We shamed politicians, open border goons and–to be perfectly clear–the very one elected to serve and protect American citizens, our illustrious president.

Due to the inaction of the federal government, our borders have become extremely more dangerous, therefore it was decided to challenge open borders in ways which would not compromise the safety of our volunteers. Subsequently, the Tea parties have become the supreme authorities in what may very well be the final attempt to redeem our country and return it to its original owners, the citizens.

Sher: I understand you have remained politically aware, if not active. How do you view what’s happened to our country since you originally began the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and what have you recently been doing?

Al: As an American of Mexican origin it is my duty to educate other Americans about the perils we face due to dereliction of duty by our elected officials, especially concerning our southern borders. Fellow Patriots and I have obtained evidence which identify a number of seditious anti American organizations as proxies to Hamas, Hezbollah, & similar radical Islamic terrorist groups.

These organizations have been sympathetic with Al –Qaeda in their writings and support action against America and its citizens. They are highly anti-Semitic and rail against “Zionists,” while masquerading as “civil rights groups” within the United States. Our discoveries suggest open borders, open border policies, and illegal aliens are all components of a much more aggressive agenda. It also clearly suggests that all levels of our own government have been infiltrated in order to destroy us from the inside. Open borders, open border policies and “Hope & Change” have all been recognized as anti -American strategies [that are] mobilized and in full force. Most all of Obama’s appointed cabinet are known radicals connected to seditious groups disguised as community organizers or humanitarian leaders.

I am committed to placing the spotlight on suspicious activity and our findings clearly fall in that category.

Sher:  I’d like to get your take on the FEMA camps that have recently been refurbished and, as I understand it, will soon be staffed by former military personnel. Also, Congress recently passed the 2012 NDAA “funding” bill that does much–much more than fund defense. The rights of US citizens, any of whom may now be branded “terrorists” if they oppose the administration and its actions, can now be revoked and the Bill of Rights has been rendered null and void. This, along with Constitutionally illegal no charges rendered, no trial, no communication, no attorney and indefinite imprisonment can now be affected at any whim of the Executive Branch. What is your take on this? Does it appear that we have already lost our country?

Al:   FEMA camps are very real. This is, yet, another example of enemy infiltration determined to undermine our Constitution, obliterate it and define it as outdated and obsolete. Changes being made in our nation equate to foreign rule. These camps do exist but not necessarily for their original intent. Terrorists are now defined as anyone who resists, or goes against the current administration’s radical and seditious manipulations.

In my opinion, only patriotic Americans fit that description.
It underscores left wing political behavior on steroids. Suffice it to say, enemy infiltration at its very best.

Sher:  It appears more essential to the preservation and regrowth of any vestige of liberty left in the USA that the entire current administration and collaborating Congress people must be removed from office and replaced with Constitutional Conservatives.

The TEA Party has been successful in beginning to replace Marxist Democrats and their fellow RINOs in Congress and plans to do more in the 2012 General Election. However, in my opinion, the current crop of GOP candidates seems–overall–much too moderate (aka liberal) for the tastes of truly thinking and liberty-loving people. Have you chosen whom you plan to support for President of the United States? If so, would you share who it is and why you plan to endorse him or her?

Al:   One has to evaluate the candidates on the basis of our genesis as a nation. Our founding fathers modeled us in a Judeo/ Christian foundation, the Holy Bible and our Constitution as our manuals, and moral principles as guidelines. None of the candidates fit what I would consider champions of our forefathers long range plans. Voting for one of the lesser evils is exactly what the Occupy Force has designed and certainly not what America needs. We need someone who shares our convictions, our Christian beliefs and one who exercises proper moral judgments. I can think of no better candidate as a perfect fit for the America of today.

I speak of none other than my good friend, Dr. Laurie Roth. She is precisely what Doctor Jesus ordered for the healing of a dying nation.  Dr. Roth epitomizes our Founders’ vision of a strong moral nation and has the plan to return to prosperity quickly and without a great deal of difficulty.

Sher:  Thanks so much, Al. Before we end, is there anything more that you would like to share with the readers?

Al:  In closing, stay vigilant, get on your knees and pray that God in his infinite wisdom finds us worthy to be redeemed from the evil within our midst.

Sher Zieve is an author and political commentator. Zieve’s op-ed columns are widely carried by multiple internet journals and sites, and she also writes hard news.

Her columns have also appeared in The Oregon Herald, Dallas Times, Sacramento Sun, in international news publications, and on multiple university websites. Sher is also a guest on multiple national radio shows.

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