Peter Schiff Spells out Our Debt Load’s Absurdity in Three Minutes

Your world affairs IQ can increase in three minutes!

Video, “Peter Schiff, Debt and China

Peter Schiff



Imagine what will happen after the banking collapse hits.

The entire world will be hit hard. Those who have stored up nation lending wealth, though will… take… it… in… stride….

Did you know that God instituted a Jubilee every fifty years, for his nation of Israel? In it, all debts were to be cancelled and all slaves set free.

What a concept.

Schiff’s presentation in its entirety lays here, in the Gulag: “Ready for the Worldwide Burst? Peter Schiff’s Riff on the Bigger & Bigger Bubbles.”


  1. I like the video but I like the concept of a year of Jubilee even better. I think the Israel had it right when it came to the concept of borrowing money. Imagine that, they followed the word of God.

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