Simpson: Bureaucracy Killing U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

Gulag Bulletin: Are neo-Marxists Barack Obama and Leon Panetta killing wounded American soldiers and marines, by neglect?The Washington Times, Monday, January 16, 2012

Political correctness keep Army medevac helicopters grounded

The U.S. military has developed the best system in the world for dealing with combat casualties. As medical technology has advanced, new methods of treatment have been developed, and the speed and efficiency of transport from the battlefield to essential medical services has greatly increased chances for combat wounded to survive. So it is particularly galling that with all these improvements, the U.S. Army has not similarly adjusted its regulations regarding deployment of medical evacuation (medevac) helicopters in combat zones to reflect the realities of modern warfare. It is bad enough that the Obama administration has imposed deadly rules of engagement to hobble the military. The U.S. Army has been racking up its own body count.

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