Global Currency Pushed by Marxist Bankster, Stiglitz; Warned of by Ron Paul

Updated with different Ron Paul video than first published on 1/15/2012, also very telling. (The first video became unavailable.)

Two videos, one by a snake, the other by a snake hunter.

From April during the 2011 Bankster Spring INET and IMF planning sessions, Joseph Stiglitz is interviewed by anti-American, Russia Today:

Video, “Joseph Stiglitz slams US dollar

Ron Paul describes the plan to use the Federal Reserve for a move to global currency:

Video, “Goldman Sachs moving for one world bank: Ron Paul”

Banking and globalism, globalism and banking, it’s not about ethnicity, it’s about anti-American socioeconomic war, by those intent upon enslaving the world.

This is also a Mitt Romney, globalist bankster Quisling warning.

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Opinion on International Finance and Trade

A global gold standard as Ron Paul suggests is not the approach that should be taken. Rather, each sovereign nation must be allowed to manage its own sovereign currency. Exchanges between Americans and any foreign entity, whether for trade or finance, should be 1:1 exchanges between those nations’ currencies. That is common sense and economic natural law. (And not to worry, today’s computers can keep track of the many exchange rates.)

Auditing the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury (including Fort Knox) may reveal that the foreign bankster cartel has taken and horded our gold. Under a global gold standard, where would that leave us?
– AW


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  1. The FED has to go, it was illegal when created and almost 100 years later it is still illegal. Woodrow William pooched it when he signed the FED into life!!!

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