Chavez Meets With Ahmadinejad to Deepen Strategic Ties

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From Cuba’s Prensa Latina:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Monday received his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to strengthen the strategic partnership and review progress of agreements established in various economic areas.

Chavez welcomed Ahmadinejad and his delegation at the Miraflores Palace to later evaluate the signing of new cooperation instruments in a bilateral meeting.

In his welcome speech, Chavez said that a task shared by both countries is to stop the madness of imperialism, which has been unleashed as never before.

“We want respect for nations, for self-determination of peoples, only then will we have peace,” Chavez reiterated.

Regarding the recent criticism of Venezuela by the United States on occasion of the visit of Ahmadinejad, Chavez said Venezuela and Iran are both peaceful countries which do not invade any nation.

Chavez reaffirmed that both the Islamic and the Bolivarian revolutions, are constantly attacked by the Washington administration.

Chavez thanked Iran for the construction of 14,000 houses in his country and added that another 7,000 houses are beginning to be built.

Ahmadinejad described Chavez as a champion of the struggle against imperialism.

According to Ahmadinejad, the Venezuelan people should be proud of having a president who has raised the banner of independence and struggles for the people, “always determined and with a glance toward the far horizons.”

As Americans focus on pressing domestic issues, the encirclement continues.

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