Per JBS: Kristol, Buckley, Bush: Neoconservatives by Facts & Testimony; Globalist, Collectivist, Anti-American

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“Anti-American?” Really?

Yes, because they are anti-Sovereignty, opposed to the core principles of America’s national charter, the Declaration of Independence, and thereby the U.S. Constitution which rests squarely upon them.

Topics of John McManus’ presentation by video include:

  • Conservatism vs. neoconservatism (a “conservative” version of global  socialism, i.e., collectivism, or what we now see as state capitalism, crony capitalism, or essentially, economic fascism)
  • Bill Clinton’s mentor, Caroll Quigley, proponent of an admitted secret society intent upon ruling the world and their operations including but not limited to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
  • Irving Kristol, the founder of neo-Conservatism, a self-admitted Trotskyite (globalist, pseudo-democratic Marxist, partner of Vladimir Lenin in Russia’s communist revolution)
  • William F. Buckley actually a neoconservative collectivist, who admitted to operating in “deep cover” with the CIA  (edit: we do not know exactly what this entails, so we must not be too judgmental about Mr. Buckley, a very important man for the overall cause)
  • The positioning of George H. W. Bush as globalist operative in the White House
  • The “New World Order,” in Bush-41’s own words
  • The plan for open borders and North American Integration/Union
  • How the transnationalists of the Reagan/Bush era fomented the tryanny

William F. Buckley, photo Fox News

The observer may not be as non-interventionist as that which the John Birch Society proscribes, to appreciate the necessity to understand what subterfuge of America has been going on, by falsehood conservative globalists.

Video, “Betrayal Of The Constitution-An Expose of the Neo-Conservative Agenda
Spring, 2011

John F. McManus, President of the John Birch Society sites indisputable facts and the admissions of these very globalist enemies of Sovereign thus free America.

From the presentation:

Samuel Francis: “The whole concept of conservatism in America is virtually devoid of meaning, in large part because conservatives made the seminal error of allowing dilettantes like Mr. Buckley to define it for them in the first place.”

McManus: “The standard for Americans is: the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration that proceeded it.”

 And one last, very important frame:


  1. Enlightening, to say the least.

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