Georgia’s Obama Eligibility Challenge on Atlanta’s TV News

Video: “WXIA Obama Ballot Challenge 5 Jan 2012

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For more, see  “Court to Hear Obama Eligibility Challenge on Merits, First Time Ever, Jan. 26,” in Gulag Bound, January 4, 2012.



  1. I think this is great news.. He is a fraud and needs to be outted..
    Finally the truth will come out..

  2. I hope the judge is a thinking man and let’s this case proceed.

  3. I have been following the issue of the Obama fraud for three years now. Its like I tell friends, I’m as confident of the fact that obama is a criminal fraud, as I am my own name. He and all those who put him into that office and are covering for him now, should all face justice. The legal and judicial kind of justice. And I can’t think that would mean anything less than treason against the USA. God help us all, to finally bring this out. The only way we will get an actual press back in this country, is when all those complicit, corrupt, communist-sympathizing, self-important a******s who call themselves journalists in all the main media are exposed for what they are, and how they have been deceiving us for many years. No more. I am awake, and a bit pissed off at what I’m seeing.

  4. Two things keep bugging me: 1) The reporters who do mention the story say “why now?” Why not now? It sure wasn’t settled with a phony birth certificate released 4/27/11. This is the first court to let the case move forward, that’s why. 2) They keep reporting the lie that many other such cases have been lost. Not true, all the others have not been heard but simply dismissed on procedural grounds. Phony procedural grounds at that. OK, one more thing. 3) The rumor keeps being repeated that Hawaii has released and verified Obama’s birth certificates as valad. This is a lie. Hawaii has never vouched for the two forgeries Obama released.

  5. Interesting. I wrote a post earlier that is now gone. …hmmm

  6. ” Everybody’s gotta serve somebody ” as Bob Dillon sings after deciding to serve Jesus Christ. Who do you serve? Who do you HONOR with your life.It’s the most important decision you will make in this life. It will determine “where’ & ” If ” you will have an eternal life. Are you Bold enough…Are you strong enough, Are you wise enough to “Set God’s Standard”? This world will not be destroyed by those who do EVIL…,but by those who watch evil done and do NOTHING. Albert Einstein There is No enemy wise enough,bold enough, or strong enough to defeat the ” Army of God “( Jesus Christ ” ” No weapon formed ,shall stand against us ” The only thing that will defeat America…is if her citizens turn their backs on God.

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