Santorum’s Friendship Quote Not from C.S. Lewis, but Author of Dog Cookbook? (Update: In Dispute)

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UPDATE  – Comments decry the credit going to the globalist foodie, Donna Roberts. In addition to any more Web searching, perhaps we can contact the canine culinary specialist and ask her, tomorrow. If so, maybe she can also give us her perspective on global food controls and United States Sovereignty.(1/4, 12:14am CT)

Rick Santorum’s Iowa Caucus speech was eloquent and moving.

However, this poignant, soulful quote, from its beginning…

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

…was credited by him to 20th Century Britain’s literary scholar, the celebrated author of both faerie land fantasy, and cherished explorations of life on Earth, C.S. Lewis.

Web searches however, attribute it to the author of The Good Food Cookbook for Dogs, Donna Twitchell Roberts.

The Bound are interested in Rick Santorum and what he may be learning, not necessarily from the literary world, but of the threats of global governance and the central banking complex, of neo-Marxism, and of Islamist jihadism.

We want to hear what Sen. Santorum would do as president, for our popular and national Sovereignty, doggone it, before we sing out our friendship.

And what an irony for us to find this source. Ms. Twitchell is apparently someone very familiar with matters of international trade and the conflict between national sovereignty and global governance. From

Donna Roberts is a senior economist at the Economic Research Service, US Department of Agriculture. She served as a delegate to the WTO’s Committee on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures while on assignment at the US Trade Representative’s Permanent Mission in Geneva from 1996 to 2002. In her current position, she continues her research on food regulation and trade.

We wonder if she took part in drafting the very problematic Food Safety Act, recently put upon us, that ties up so much of America’s food trade with a global leash.

Her friendship quote is not likely from Food Regulation and Trade: Toward a Safe and Open Global Food System, by Timothy Edward Josling, Donna Roberts

pesky speech writers anyway


  1. “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” The author of this quote is actually unknown! The quote by Donna Roberts to which you linked is not the same quote, but probably one appropriated from the unknown source. If you have a beef with Rick Santorum it should be on a truth, not a lie. Even a cursory search would have revealed many authors of similar quotes, but the one which Rick Santorum mistakenly attributed to C.S. Lewis and you falsely attributed to Donna Roberts was that of an unknown author. Not a very honorable thing to do on your part. Your error is much worst than that of a tired politician giving a speech in middle of the night.

    Since you went to such great trouble to link to a C.S. Lewis site, I will leave you with a real quote from C.S. Lewis.
    “We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.” C.S. Lewis – The Abolition of Man – Men Without Chests.

    • Just reporting what I’ve found, EJ. But beef? I’d like to have some more good beef, thought the prices have been getting really high, for some… reason….

      When many list a quote as anonymous but a few ascribe it to someone, it’s a better bet the attribution is correct.

      Maybe I can find time to find Ms. Roberts and ask her — don’t know.

    • Arlen:
      E Johnson appears correct about the quote, and you were pretty careless, if not worse, trying to make the link to Donna Roberts. Several web blogs attribute the quote to Bernard Meltzer. If you found it in Donna’s book without attribution, that also suggests the source is unknown, as her editor would have required proper citation otherwise. In fact, it should have been attributed to Unknown or Anonymous if they could not identify a source.

      Or perhaps you already knew all this but stuck with your story because it was juicier.

      Sorry to rain on your parade, Arlen, but glad to discover your site.

  2. You didn’t look very far or hard. It appears to have originated way before the cook book. It has been associated with a number of people (including “anonymous” and “unknown”). It appears to be a traditional proverb, perhaps of Danish origin. Nice of you to look just long enough to take a cheap shot at Santorum.

  3. This bruhaha proves one point definitively: Santorum never read a single page written by C.S. Lewis.

    This alleged quotation is so maudlin and saccharin (not to mention impossible to conceive absent today’s absurd Hollywood conceptualization of life) that Lewis could not have uttered it the midst of delirium, let alone deliberately set it to paper before an editor who, in an act of simple humanity, would have purged it to spare Lewis the humiliation.

    Sanctus Santorum. Holy in his own mind.

    • I think it is an EXCELLENT and very apt sentiment about good, close friends.

      However it got into Rick Santorum’s speech, I am confident his wife appreciated it a great deal, as well as many others.

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