Judge Rules Georgia Ballot Challenge vs. Obama May Proceed – Updated

Contributor: CJ in TX, @TelltheTruth1

Barack Obama’s lawyers attempted to have this challenge to Obama’s eligibility in Georgia dismissed. Today, that motion was denied, by Georgia Judge, Michael M. Malihi.

We intend to update this story with an article early Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, there is some coverage at ObamaReleaseYourRecords and a Bob Unruh ariticle at WND.com, to read.

Judge Malihi’s Order on Motion to Dismiss:

Farrar-Welden-Swensson-Powell v Obama, Motion to Dismiss by Obama is Denied,
Georgia Ballot Access Challeng…

Further documents in this case may be seen at art2superpac.com.

Letter to George Washington from John Jay regarding the insertion of the "natural born Citizen" clause into the U.S. Constitution (click to enlarge)


  1. This is good news. Pray that the Judge continues to do what is right.

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