Glenn Beck Goes Ron Paul

The struggle over whether or not to support pro-Constitution (from a libertarian-revisionist mentality) and ostensibly pro-Sovereignty, yet personally somewhat anti-Israel and pro-Islamist Ron Paul goes on.

This video comes from a very recent Glenn Beck radio broadcast.

Video uploaded 12/30/2011, “Glenn Beck tells AMERICA WE MUST support Ron Paul

And where is a viable candidate who really gets it all, in these very perilous times when truly getting it all is so necessary?

For that matter, while he would do things which would happen to counter Agenda 21, what has even Ron Paul ever said said, or to what has he specifically committed, about that strategy to enslave the world in global, Marxofascist tyranny?

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UPDATE 11:00am CT:

I tend to agree with the caller, though she was somewhat abusively talked down and didn’t quite get to make her point. We already have big government, though it can get much worse. What we need to maintain is freedom from Iranian nuclear capability. Glenn Beck tries to make a point of China preparing for  war with the U.S. Who might be better at preventing or beating down such a challenge, Ron Paul or a more traditional conservative who believes in strong measures of national defense?

But we who know what is going on, from the Rothschild complex outward, and who recognize  the threats of both global neo-Marxism and global jihadism do not have a candidate, among those recognized by the Rothschild/Rockefeller-media.

We might hope that Michele Bachmann could grow into such a place, to know what end is up, but any of the others? Sarah Palin?


  1. Woman is an Islamaphobe.She believes all the fabricated Iranian BS.The Zionists running the show in Israel will be the cause for WWIII.they are looking for any excuse to attack Iran.The Zionists in Israel need to let inspectors in to check their own Nuclear program before they can expect Iran to do the same.

    • Terry, looks like you’ve been reading your history from either white supremacist or Islamist sources (or possibly progressive/fascist/Marxist sources, one might think). That is not meant to besmirch you, but to suggest you gain a more objective understanding.

      Are your sources also those of Ron Paul?

      Which entity is promising to annihilate their neighbor and also threatens the U.S.A., Israel or Iran?

      • I dealt with some of the foreign and domestic NGO’s that influence our government without regard for our constitution. Indeed, their goal is a one world government modeled after China and our constitution is in the way.

        Read Cyber War Against U.S. May Be A False Flag Psyop

        Also, Google Committee of 300 member list. The committee of 300 steers the Round Table which controls the operation of the other NGO’s, such as the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, etc. (See the chart at the bottom of my article.) Take the time to investigate the links I provided to their websites and look up their membership and participant lists. It will blow your mind!

        YouTube search Watch before vote!!! Ron Paul Foreign Policy ?? OH YEAH!!!!!

    • Israel became a nuclear power when we gave them the bomb. This was done as a dooms day deterrent to prevent their destruction. The difference between Iran and Israel is that Israel has the bomb for defense, Iran has stated continually that they want the bomb to vaporize Israel. Sorry dud but your argument is vacuous at best.

      • That is a lie, look up the quote liar. You are either a full loon or a jew, period. Screw Israel, I am sick of catering to their every whim, let them sink or swim on their own. What has Israel done for us except steal our secrets, sell our secrets to our enemies, use false flag terror to stir up war and chaos for their own benefit and our loss of treasure and human life, and to kill our US servicemen (USS Liberty for one).

        There is no reason for the US to maintain this bogus(bought off) relationship to these sociopathic warmongers, NONE!

    • Terry, You wear the burka and then you walk 10 feet behind other males, see if that doesn’t make you feel belittled. Women are property in Islamic states. Move there with your mother, wife, daughter or whatever and then come back and tell me how great life is. Second thing is the Jews have been threatened to be pushed into the sea since they established the state of Israel. Yes they have nuclear weapons and to show you there restraint they have never used those weapons. However the evil leader of Iran has threatened to destroy Israel after acquiring nuclear weapons. If the Islamic states would respect Israels right to exist then peace would have a chance. But we all know that won’t happen. These people are destined for war and destuction. Just read some of the propaganda that is indoctrinated to the palistinian children. Read some of the school books that teach jihad and suicide bombers. Then you wonder why these people grow up hating the Jewish state. They are indoctrinated into hatred. And then our leaders tell us that Islam is a peaceful religion. Yea just as long as you bow and submit to it and don’t question it. No thank you I’ll keep and defend my LIBERTY.

  2. Oh Glenn, We owe you so much for broadcasting what Americans needed to know but, you’re steering America over the cliff with Paul.

    To Get Ron Paul’s Insanity, You Have To Understand Libertarianism
    “Libertarianism is to authentic conservatism what Barack Obama is to 19th century liberalism”

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  3. Without the Constitution we’re running towards hell. Obama hates our constitution and he’s leading us there. My blood ran cold when I listened to the audio…Ron Paul is the NWO nightmare and that gives me hope. I think what it boils down to for me is do I trust, really trust the Constitution? If I do, than I should be able to support Ron Paul. I know GOD will protect Israel and He will give us the President we deserve. I hope that president will be what we need to survive our enemies.

  4. Glen Beck is some piece of work. Last month he was criticizing Ron Paul on Israel while never mentioning Ron Paul’s statement on the CIA definition of “blow back” from the 1953 overthrow of the duly elected Iranian government. Nor did he mention Ron Paul quoting Benjamin Netanyahu telling congress that Israel can take care of itself. YouTube search Glenn Beck talks about Ron Paul

    Also, Mr. Beck recently called the Tea Party racists. Ron Paul is the father of the Tea Party movement, beginning in 2007. Ron Paul is no racist and the polls among non-whites show it.

    So, now he supports Ron Paul? Good! He best get up to speed on Ron Paul’s foreign policy. YouTube search Watch before vote!!! Ron Paul Foreign Policy ?? OH YEAH!!!!!

  5. Ron Paul? He’s been endorsed by Klansman David Duke, hasn’t he?

    If Ron Paul is at the top of the GOP ticket, Obama will win by a landslide.

    • That is true only if an unimformed electorate such as yourself refuses to become imformed in our form of Constitutional government.

    • Yea and Obama has been endorsed by the communist party USA and David Duke fled to Russia. So we can say that David Duke is infiltrating Rom Paul’s canpaigne to help in the destruction of the Constitution. Just like commies allways do, infiltrate to drestroy.

    • Always on watch:

      Obama? He’s been endorsed by Rev Wright hasn’t he? Jerk

    • That is the dumbest argument I have ever heard against Ron Paul. It does not matter who endorses him. I matters who and what he endorses. David Duke endorsed him because of his adherence to the CONSTITUTION!!! The constitution was created to protect minority and unpopular speech and ideas, you know…FREEDOM. We are a republic not a democracy which supports majority and popular speech/ideas. I sometimes wonder if what you call traditional conservatives support the idea of freedom and the constitution at all. Either they are ignorant to the true concept of liberty or they are hypocrites. Whch is it?

  6. At least Glenn Beck has seen the light. We have no country without the Constitution and Ron Paul is the only true Constitutionalist left in our government….

    You cannot understand Ron Paul unless you understand the Constitution. I suggest America read their founding document and the source of all American freedom…

  7. The caller was responding to a comment Glenn made a few days before. Glenn said IF Newt Gingrich was the GOP nominee and IF Ron Paul ran as a 3rd party candidate he would “consider” voting for Paul. The video above was recorded 2 weeks ago, before Glenn went on vacation. Since then, Gingrich has gone down in the polls. If Gingrich doesn’t get the nomination, and it looks like he may not, Glenn will most likely vote for whoever is the nominee, no matter if Paul runs as a 3rd party

    • Thank you, CG. Yet, his comments stand on their own and show what Beck is thinking and where he is positioned, i.e., Paul over progressive, so the title of this entry stays the same.

      Paul is the only (possible) exception in the media-recognized field, to those who have not made themselves a part of the anti-American complex (against Popular and national Sovereignty). The rest may be called “progressive” or a number of other (nasty) things.

  8. It is all about obedience to God and law. That is what Karl Marx brilliantly observed when he said that once it’s discovered that the earthly family (who chastens) is the secret to the heavenly family, (God and law) the former must be destroyed through theory and practice. It’s why Kurt Lewin saw removing “the negative valence” as removing the law. It is why the abandonment of position for the sake of relationship or the group think, through the consensus process or soviet, is abandonment of law.

    It is why scripture says that in the last days it will be as in the days of Noah, because God and law will be nearly removed from a generation.

    We need a righteous man who will hold to position and uphold the law.

    You say you want to be free? Freedom comes with God and law.

    Lord help the children of disobedience.

  9. Glen Beck does not get it. A nuclear Iran means WWIII. With a man like Ron Paul who said he would not have gone to war against Nazis to save the Jews from holocaust, this means Armageddon. The choice is not between Newt and Ron. There are other choices. But if the choice was between these two it would be an irreparable error to give the helms to Ron Paul.

    Furthermore, if Beck were an honest about his love for the Constitution, why he dismisses and derides the Obama’s ineligibility issue? I don’t know if I can trust this man anymore.

    • Grave and telling concerns, Ali.

    • I think you have that backwards Ali. We are reaping what we have sown and Ron Paul wants to reverse it. You are being herded with fear tactics. Ron Paul wants us to LIVE the Golden Rule not just give lip service to it. If any other country had done to us what we have done all over the world, you would hardly be singing our praises. And I am not talking about the American people who are generous beyond all peoples. I just mean that those we have entrusted with power, have abused that power and sold us into slavery for power and profit….the military industrial complex, knows no borders or nations or sovereignty.
      And Newt is one of them…so you chose.

  10. Glenn Beck is a DISINFORMER who works for the Illuminati.. he says one thing when he works for FOX then he forgets all about unveiling the New World Order to the American people and pretends to not know about Freemasonry and mocks callers in to his show who try to educate the peoplr listening about the SATANISTS who pull the strings of people LIKE Glenn Beck, tryingtot keep us all in the dark about their PLAN for forcing all nations of the world into a one world government, that they openly talk about on other news channels like AlJazeera nad RT news… Beck is a FRAUD..
    Read Illuminati he Cult the Hijacked the World by Henry Makow.. read The Synagogue of Satan. to learn that those hwo mislead us at this time do so for Satan,, even Glenn Beck, mormon, who believes mormons are the lost trible of israelites

  11. thatsitivehadenough says

    Is it just my imagination, or have all the anti-Semites suddenly showed up here?

    • I don’t know, please explain, TIIHE. This is what it says in Gulag Bound’s sidebar: “We are about our Sovereignty (not ethnicity).”

      I don’t care what percentage of our worst enemies are Jewish – or if they’re from Neptune or Uranus. It is about time America learned that the central banking complex is among the enemies of the Sovereign America of Sovereign Citizens and may be the very worst of them.

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