Laurie Roth: This President is Not a Leader but a Committed Destroyer

By Laurie Roth

Understand how Marxism and ‘change’ from the Obama empire works.  The US must be brought down low,  her wealth taken and redistributed,  then forced to submit on multiple levels to Obama,  the UN and national and international Military.

There is nothing naive or inexperienced about Obama in critical areas of importance that would affect his goals.  He is most calculated and backed by his handlers, namely, global elitists and Islam.  He has surrounded himself with total secrecy,  paid millions to hide all his records,  from birth, passport,  College records…on and on.  You name it,  it is hidden from view.

How can any real American watching even from the outfield not reel in horror at what is going on day after day at the hands of this President?  I beg America,  don’t be a frog and boil to death!  Be an American,  rise up,  organize,  pray,  march in the streets and join the Tea Party.  Demand that patriots and constitutionalists get in the House,  Senate and White House in 2012.  We don’t have time for depression or fear.  We are in the battle of our life time and the world depends on us winning and so do our kids.

Obama is a destruction machine and playing ‘rules for radicals’ perfectly.

Whoever dares run for the office of President, and I as an outsider,  I dare, must know that they aren’t running against another Democrat and liberal,  but a complete liar and enemy to capitalism,  our constitution,  our freedoms,  our Judeo Christian values and leadership in the world.  Not only must they know who Obama is and the danger he represents to America but they must stand in front of America, defending her and confronting Obama with full force.  I will.

Health care coal in your stocking

Forced Health care, now being reviewed in the Supreme Court is but a full on assault to our freedoms,  state sovereignty,  while transforming ‘safe and effective care’  to ‘cost effective care’  rivaling what Hitler did.  With the ‘end of life’ forced counseling for our seniors,  parents and grandparents, they are rendered as nothing but ‘in the way’ numbers.  Put them in long lines.  Pay for much less.  Make them pay for staying alive,  rude little oldies that they are.  I want to hear politicians SCREAM about this moral and constitutional betrayal.

Energy coal in your stocking

Where is the screaming about Obama and his EPA shutting down at least 68 Coal plants?  He has also put forth idiot and endless regulations aimed at various power plants.  These power and coal plants represent enough needed power in the US that there will be rolling black outs across America without them.  They will gut power provided to at least 22 million people in 12 states, and that is just for starters.  States will be forced to buy more expensive power from other states,  then deal with even endless unemployment and huge increases in utility rates.


Obama and Military coal turned on the American people

Where are the collective screams by our so called leaders standing against the Senate vote – The National Defense authorization act S. 1867.  All who had anything to do with this bill should be chased out of the Senate!  Shame on John McCain and Carl Levin who authored such a traitorous bill.  This bill completely makes a mockery of our protection under Posse Comitatus of 1878 and shreds our Miranda rights afforded to all US citizens.

Now,  our military can turn on their own people,  without charges and hold them indefinitely on vague terrorist suspicions without trial.  Our so called representatives and leaders should be screaming about the bold violation of our constitution,  posse comitatus and shredding of our Mirada rights!

FEMA camp coal

We are seeing another horror as over 72 FEMA camps are activated all across the country.  I want our so called leaders shouting out WHY?  WHY and WHY? ….then, shutting these down.  If we had a Nuclear attack or major attack I would understand, not on the heals of the Senate vote saying the US military can now arrest their own.  Hmmmmmm.

Our so called President, sues his Governors,  ignores real border security,  shreds our relationship with Israel and kisses up non stop to radical Islam, especially Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood.  Where are our leaders screaming against Obama employing members of the Muslim Brotherhood as part of his and Hillary Clinton’s staff?  Apparently, nearly all in the House and Senate are deaf and dumb,  certainly unable to speak.

For Obama to share such hatred for Coal plants and plan their demise,  how is it that all we get this Christmas from Obama is coal in our stocking?




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  1. The Loss of Liberty in America is staggering . Sheriff Joe needs to be suspicious

    Obama is Hiding behind this Executive Order that Bush put in place in 2001 , and Obama just keeps extending to give himself cover from the US Constitution and the eligibility Clause, and while he is Buying time with this suspension of the US Constitution, , he is Stalling for time to Collapse the economic Capital System by Overwhelming it with DEBT DEPENDENCE, ( read the Snopes and Obama Agenda ; ” Overwhelm the System ” , below ), on the State and federal Government with Growth restrictive Regulatory Encroachments , check it out , The Loss of Liberty in America is staggering .
    I would Argue with the Republican establishment about their Worry that NEWT wanting to bring a greater Balance to the Judiciary. This Executive Power is not to be used for more than 2 years yet the Power has been enacted and rolled over for 10 years plus now and this kind of Power abuse is perpetuating on its self and The executive Branch as well as Congress would only stand to Benefit from a destabilizing effect on economic and tactical systems of societies and so we could ask is all that could be done to Bring back Stabilized growth to the Economy of the Free market system when President Obama comes out and says that the Free markets system is a failed system always was and always will be ???? Thats pretty destabilizing in itself is it not ???

    Plus they are doing all kinds of things to destabilize or bring the threat of destabilization to our economy and we need to ask why ? Like this , , and when you read this you can make the case that this was the plan all along , Obama’s agenda: Over whelm the system , , this story talks about how illegal Immigration if allowed to continue can help collapse and destabilize the USA economic system thats a Threat that can keep in place the National Emergency Act that President Obama and Congress is Hiding behind so they do not have to follow the US Constitution while the system continues to collapse due to a lack of following the rules that up hold the Liberty and Integrity of this USA ,–overwhelm-the-system-95716764.html

    WHERE is the OUTRAGE ?

    And enabling Operations in the Middle east like the Muslim brotherhood thats a Well known hater of the Western nations like the USA and Europe to topple the nations and destabilize the region even more than when the War on terror broke out in 2001 , this seems like more ways to keep in place reasons why the Executive Privilege of National emergency act is continuing and allowing even more lose of Liberty to evolve like with the latest enacting of the National Detention Authorization Act , an even more destabilizing effect on the nations ability to build trust between Government and the private sector economy . I mean these things are over reaches that NEWT wanted to debate about ways to Slow down and reverse the Loss of Liberty and so the Republican establishment and anyone who denounced your thinking really needs to Take a Long hard look at what is Going on NOW !!!

    I would Ask them why they are so dang worried about what you wanted to debate when it looks like they did nothing about what President Bush did to GUT the rights of US Citizens under what Was the US Constitution that also allowed President Obama to enjoy a inherited executive privilege of Power to avoid accountability in every way of US Constitutional authority ??
    And he just keeps extending it over and over ,
    Obama Extends Bush’s 9/11 State of Emergency
    I found this article had a Paragraph that asked a question about Why maybe President Obama was able to skate around the eligibility clause , and how the NDAA bill was able to End Posse Comitias law and overrule the right to the 4th and 5th amendments of the US Constitution . This Might be why they are Not Enforcing the Immigration Law ?? Is this how they are implementing sustainable development taking away rights of private property owners ??? No Need for a balance Budget amendment because with this suspension we can just keep extending it and kicking the can down the road until a full destabilization of the trust and integrity of the trust in liberty to uphold a individuals rights has Broken down to the point of civil outrage and disobedience right ? , This paragraph is about half way down in the article .
    ” The US Constitution is clear on the matter of Presidential requirements, but what if the US Constitution has quietly been under suspension since September 2001, through the use of “The National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C.1601-1651)” which, incidentally, prohibits any President from declaring and prolonging a State of National Emergency for more than a two year period. Yet this “Emergency” nonetheless has lasted continuously since September 11, 2001. Are COG rules in force? and if so why have House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson and Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Christopher Carney’s request to scrutinize those rules been refused ? ”

    These laws that are being enacted are being done because the US Constitution is suspended otherwise these Laws like this NDAA would not be able to get past under the US Constitution , and Listen to Senator Graham like his Power to Detain …. like a German Shepard ….
    And Now we the people Live in Fear if we even Speak out against these oppressive acts against of our Liberty of the right to due process we use to have , even if we are missing fingers , storing food and ammo ,

    ATTENTION PREPPERS – Having More Than 7 Days Of Food Makes You A Suspected Terrorist


    Are they planning for a Economic Event ???

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