Maryland County Leads Way out of Globalist ‘Sustainability’ Destruction of U.S. Property Rights

Maryland county charts a path out of Agenda 21

December 23, 2011
James Simpson, DC Independent Examiner
Last February I wrote about how one brave county was taking the lead in fighting Agenda 21 – the United Nations “Agenda for the 21st Century.” The government of Carroll County, Maryland, was the first governmental organization to revoke membership in ICLEI, the U.N. sponsored organization created to insinuate Agenda 21 “Sustainable Development” concepts (also known as “Smart Growth,” “Walkable Communities” and a host of other positive-sounding misnomers) into local government planning and zoning ordinances. ICLEI is the acronym for the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives – Local Governments for Sustainability.

The County also abolished their “Office of Sustainability” and the commissioners undertook the arduous task of expunging the many references to “Sustainable Development” that were embedded, like metastasized cancer cells, throughout the County master plan.

This series of actions enraged local leftists, who used the left-sympathizing local newspaper as a platform to launch endless, dishonest, ad-hominem attacks so venomous that one letter to the editor complained “I’ve lived in Carroll County all my life and can’t recall when I have ever seen such nastiness directed toward an elected official!” Paraphrasing the McCarthy hearings he asked, “Have you no shame, you group of haters?” But the hypocritical Left is fine with such tactics when directed at their enemies, so the attacks continue unabated. If this is what they are willing to do when their power remains relatively contained within the rule of law, what would they do with unchecked power? I think we already know.

As has been described elsewhere, ICLEI has partnership relationships with about 600 local governments nationwide.

Or rather, had relationships.

As a direct result of Carroll County’s actions, eighteen other counties throughout the United States have been inspired to revoke their membership in ICLEI….


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