Where are the Primary Election Candidate Comparisons?

Please pardon the brashness, but I just entered this forum post at one of the Tea Party sites.

Where is the Candidate Comparison Information?

It is Primary Day in Kansas, Michigan, and Missouri.

Where is the candidate information,online?

I’ve been trying and trying to find candidates, for a not very political friend in Missouri.  Where is the information?

Primary day is usually more important, than General Election day, for replacing bad candidates with truly good ones, based on our Founder’s principles.

What are the Tea Parties good for, if they can’t publish quick-access candidate information, online?

Or, have I missed it?

Arlen Williams
Investigating Obama

By the way, here is the best I found, for Missouri.  Thank God for the Pro-life, Pro-Family movement of the last three decades:


As for the Life issue: if a candidate understands the principles of the Declaration of Independence and that if our Creator endowed Right to Life is taken, then obviously, all our rights are violated too, then he or she has a basis for an American political philosophy.

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