Shirley Sherrod & Husband, Entrepreneurial Marxists?

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Shirley Sherrod appointed Georgia Director of Rural Development

Examiner Opinion Zone: Tom Blumer

Readers who read my original Washington Examiner post about Shirley Sherrod know that she and husband Charles received $150,000 each for “pain and suffering” as part of “a thirteen million dollar settlement in the minority farmers law suit Pigford vs Vilsack.”

Based on history presented by Ron Wilkins yesterday at Counterpunch, it’s appropriate to ask: “Whose pain and suffering?”

It now seems that Mr. and Mrs. Sherrod inflicted quite a bit of pain and suffering on their own — and on some of the very people Mr. Sherrod described as “our own” in a speech earlier this year — at New Communities, Inc. (NCI). The group is described at the Rural Development Leadership Network’s web site as “the land trust that Shirley and Charles Sherrod established, with other black farm families in the 1960s.”

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More information on Shirley’s career and esteem:

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