Defense Authorization Citizen Detention Act, Last Minute Protests NOW

The new Detain U.S. Citizens Indefinitely without Trial Act has passed conference sessions and is to be voted upon by both houses of Congress, today or tomorrow.

Some are calling for and are trying to organize protests, even sit-ins, at the offices of Senators and hopefully members of the House. This is one example, in Facebook:

This gross tyranny and potentially a preparation for internal, totalitarian treason is treated in the following articles:

Defense Authorization’s Unconstitutional Aggression upon Citizens; TruNews Radio Notes

FEMA Camps: Seeking Contractors and Personnel to Staff and Confine

Update-Corroborative of Anti-American Military Surveying: Feds and Rumors of Feds…

Spreading the word and immediate activism is of the essence, whether to effect Congress now, or to build the ranks of the resistance.  That is not a metaphor. Here is a directory of every member of Congress:

Please get this information to your contects — fan it out and fan the flames.

Please call, email, fax, and if feasible go bodily, whether you are met with manipulated OWS protestors, patriots, or anyone else, or no one else — and network.


  1. I did contact my congress persons. As usual, to no avail. I am incredibly disappointed in Allen West for he thinks this will be a tool to fight islam but it will be a tool to fight those who reject islam. Not one good thing will come from this NADD and all of the US will rue the day this passed even more than the healthcare mandate.

  2. Allen West sold us out. He is useless traitor.

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