Sher Zieve is Laurie Roth’s Guest: FEMA Camps Staffing Up



Our compatriot, Sher Zieve was a guest on The Roth Show, with Laurie Roth, to discuss this crisis, archived at 7pm ET, Monday 12/12 and did an excellent job of explaining and putting it all into context:


See this article, to connect the dots:

FEMA Camps: The Seeking of Contractors and Personnel to Staff and Confine

Caution: this is an exercise in ongoing Citizen research and journalism. Consider yourself inside the News Office. With some reports, verity is assured, with others, further corroboration or refutation must be done. Consider yourself also in the War Room. Suppositions and suspicions must also be considered and plans, preparations, and executions thereof made.

The following December 7th report from, concerns a federal Request for Information (RFI) seeking contractors to fulfill positions for the maintenance of U.S. populations at FEMA camps (those which Jesse Ventura and others have shown, complete with steel fencing capped with razor wire tilted inward, toward the camps’ intended occupants, ostensibly to keep them inside). Apparently, the RFI response from large scale government contractor, KBR (formerly, Kellog Brown & Root) subsidiary of  Halliburton, has become public.

We suggest considering the following matters (and I may add more to this entry) as the KBR story is read, shown below them:

continues at Gulag Bound


  1. I heard Sher on Roth’s show and I think she had trouble ( LR) believing you.

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