Michele Bachmann: 5 Minutes on ‘Gay Marriage,’ Prayer in School, Federal Department of Education

Laying it straight, laying it down:

Video, “Student challenges Bachmann on marriage



About the oxymoron of “gay marriage,” I would have preferred she had said “essential, natural law,” instead of merely “the law.” Legislation may change from one political body to the next, whether to be sound, or become groundless, especially in the irrational climate of Marxist postmodernism.

Nevertheless, so nice….


h/t: Andrea Shea King, Radio Patriot


  1. Plain Old American says

    Why on earth do we have GSAs in high schools? Aren’t schools about learning to read, write, think critically and to have a basic proficiency in mathematics?

    From what I have seen it is the heterosexual, monogamous, married Christian that needs to be protected.

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