Breaking Apart the United States: Part III

Map of the CSA and FSA

This article is about what the two new countries formed after the breakup of the United States and Canada might look like.  I have taken the liberty of giving them the working titles of the (conservative) Continental States of America (CSA) and the (liberal) Fascist Soviet of America (FSA).

The word “Continental” is a righteous one, in that it evokes images from the founding of the USA — the Continental Congress, and the Continental Army.  In this case the appellation is even more apropos, as the new republic will cover much of the continent of North America.

I understand that the acronym CSA rings of the old Confederacy from the Civil War, but what of it?  This time the unadulterated issue will be state’s rights, without the indefensible onus of trying to justify slavery.  This time blacks will be free and equal citizens of the republic; judged, like everyone else, on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.  Link

The acronym CSA has the added bonus that it can stand for different regions of the Continental States of America as well: e.g. the Conserative States of America, the Confederate States of America, the Canadian States of America, and (for Alaska and the northern territories), the Cold States of America.

The term Fascist Soviet of America is apropos in that it honestly reflects the fusion of Fascism and Communism that lies at the root of the liberal vision.

The question of where the capital of the new republic should be is of some importance, for as the colonial Framers found out, freedom is threatened by too much of a laissez faire attitude, and some central government is needed.  But the primary focus of the CSA must be state rights.

Please keep in mind that the map here is only a very rough approximation of what the two countries might look like if the United States and Canada were divided along ideological lines.  This map is only a working draft, a rough “guesstimate,” of what two such countries might consist of.  It is a working model only — I am sure that the reality would appear quite different.  Don’t start any turf wars over water rights just yet.

There would, of course, be a plethora of problems inherent in such an undertaking.  Two of the biggest ones that I can think off of the top of my head are the division of US military personnel and matériel, and the problem of what to do with the liberal urban centers embedded within the new republic.

That a lot of cities would choose to side with the liberals is a given, as many of their inhabitants are social parasites (both the general populace and their political leaders) dependent on the government teat.  There are, of course, a number of exceptions to this rule, but in general it applies across the board to the major North American urban centers.

So, what to do with them?  Forced eviction to points in the FSA?  Bypass them like the Allied troops did with many of the islands held by the Japanese in WW II’s Pacific theater?  Whatever technique is planned I suspect that it will fall under the military truism that plans starts falling apart the moment the bullets start flying — and make no mistake, bullets will be flying should the bottom fall out, and the plans I’m discussing come into play.  (Nonetheless, good plans tend to get the job done, despite setbacks in various areas).

Bear in mind that all of this talk about two new countries is just that — talk.  I am discussing something that I pray never happens.  I do not wish to see the United States and Canada broken apart — for such an occurrence would mean that “the centre cannot hold,” and chaos and violence rule.  Link

When I first floated this idea out into the public arena, I had hopes that two countries such as the CSA and FSA could come into existence with a minimum of violence and bloodshed, but after giving it some more thought I realized that such a thing is simply not possible.  TPTB would not allow such a separation — semi-peaceful or otherwise — the bloated central government would fight it tooth and nail.  So the plans that I am discussing are just plans, nothing more.  They would (and could) be used only in an emergency, and otherwise would stay stored away, unneeded and unused.

These scenarios I am talking about are only last ditch efforts to save some semblance of civilization, come the “deluge.”  But we would be foolish indeed not to take the precautionary measures of making such plans now, before they are needed, in case they are needed.

Should the day ever come that they are needed, it will then be far too late to start planning ahead, and America will splinter into hundreds, if not thousands, of separate, desperate, competing enclaves.

Laus Deo.

Continental States of America & Fascist Soviet of America

P.S. I have chosen the colors of green and red because Christmas is just around the corner, and because I am not especially fond of the color scheme that the liberal media picked for us (conservative states as red) — although granted, it would be a bit redundant calling the Red states, the “red states.”

(Note:  Hawaii would almost certainly go to the FSA — or back to being an independent country.  Perhaps one or more of the smaller islands might choose to merge with the CSA).



  1. My state will be bifurcated. Thank, God, I am in the southern portion.

  2. Plain Old American says

    We need to push the lunatics on the left coast from that strip into the Pacific Ocean. Crabs need to eat and we need ports for trade and fishing.

  3. If they would come for guns, start “disappearings,” etc., the issue opens up.

  4. My beloved New Hampshire got split in two, though I’m relieved my ancestral home in the northern half stays green. My beloved Texas – PURE GREEN. YEEHAW!!!

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