John McCain, Adversary of America in Congress, Fights to Detain Sovereign Citizens without Due Process

Over Thanksgiving weekend, an extraordinarily evil, Trojan Horse amendment was concocted for our current “Defense Authorization Bill,” and sponsored by John McCain (AZ-R) and Carl Levin (MI-D). And once again Ron Paul attempts to stave off “progressive” tyranny, leading to totalitarianism.

It may be called the Levin-McCain anti-Citizen, anti-due-process, authoritarian amendment to bill S. 1867. As The Hill points out below, it “could allow American citizens who are suspected of terrorism to be denied a civilian trial.”

Are there enough civil libertarians (read, Americans of authentic political conviction) left in Congress to kill this fascistic amendment?

Sens. Paul, McCain clash over terrorist detainee amendment

By Josiah Ryan – 11/29/11 11:29 AM ET

Republican Sens. Rand Paul (Ky.) and John McCain (Ariz.) battled on the Senate floor Tuesday over a proposed amendment to the pending defense authorization bill that could allow American citizens who are suspected of terrorism to be denied a civilian trial.

Paul argued the amendment, which is cosponsored by McCain, “puts every single American citizen at risk” and suggested that if the amendment passes, “the terrorists have won.”

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For more, read Terresa Monroe-Hamilton’s article, “Silent Running – The Targeting of Americans.”

Please contact your members of the Senate and House.

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However he was tortured in Hanoi, Rockefeller-style “Republican,”John McCain shows himself a traitor to America’s Sovereignties in the here and now.

And where do the presidential candidates stand on this assault upon America?


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  1. Amazing how these slime balls slid this under the door during the Thanksgiving holiday. This bill was also put together in total secrecy, WTF? If this is so good for our security, then why do you have to draft the bill in secrecy? Could it be that if people really understood the meaning of this they would demand an immediate retraction.
    For the past ten years, we as Americans have been bombarded by terror threats, a constant barrage of fear on TV, radio, and print. Americans have “learned” to deal with the incredibly intrusive search techniques applied by the TSA, they say “if it makes us safer”. I will do anything I can to avoid flying, I just have a hard time dealing with this crap. As if we did’nt have enough fear to go around, the TSA announces that they will be implementing more of the same in Bus terminals, train stations, and even on the highways! The Gestapo would be absolutely envious of this police state.
    Our civil liberties are being stripped away at a record pace, urine testing to get a job, bad credit?, no job, bad credit?, higher insurance rates. Government is now the de facto enforcement branch for big business, if we want the congress to pass a bill, we have to hire a lobbyist!

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