J.B. Williams, on the Foul Smell & Rats of Monroe County, TN

Thank you, J.B.W. for taking up the cudgel to write about the tangled web, the persecuted patriots, and the murdered election commissioner, in a state with some very evident problems of deep political corruption.  This, published in NewsWithViews.com.


By J.B. Williams
August 1, 2010

What started out over a year ago as what seemed to be a simple citizen effort to report government wrong-doing in a Treason case against Barack Obama, filed by Retired Navy Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III, turned into something unexpected when the Monroe County justice system obstructed justice and turned its evil sights on the Commander.

Since then, Fitzpatrick has been arrested and jailed twice, humiliated by local character assassination, threatened, roughed up and accused of inciting riot, which in Tennessee code can apparently be used against anyone when three or more citizens attempt to address their local public servants in a public place.

Fitzpatrick now stands trial on a host of rigged charges, all at the hands of local corrupt public servants who seem to have a history of such activity, and a growing tendency to become violent when citizens try to make public the level of crime and corruption in that quaint little Tennessee community.

Corruption becomes Deadly

On Saturday July 17, 2010 – Republican Election Commissioner Jim Miller was brutally murdered in a Chicago mob style slaying and set ablaze in the trunk of his car.

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