The Entire Occupy Movement Summarized in One Sign

By: Zombie
The PJ Tatler

Photojournalist El Marco has returned from a trip to New York during which he documented the final days of the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zuccotti Park. His newly published collection of Zuccotti Park portraits contains many unforgettable images (one of which we already featured here), but one particular image summarizes the entire Occupy movement — and the entire entitlement mentality as well.

I hereby present the photo I have titled “JFK’s Greatest Nightmare“:

Alternate title: Cloward-Piven’s Revenge.

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  1. Plain Old American says

    Stupid should hurt.

    Why isn’t he wincing?

  2. This man is not looking for a hand out. He wants our country to do for the 99% what it does for the 1%. That is it. He is guilty of a poor job with the wording.

    • Seriously? “The Country” doesn’t do anything specific for the 1% or the 99%. are you speaking of the DC politicians? If that is the case then your statement has merit, but otherwise it’s rather silly.

  3. Please note the question mark… and the sad truth that IRONY does not always translate through the written word.

    • I’m sure it isn’t irony. The dude is a fixture at lefty events, and his writing skills are minimal.

      Aside from garbling the quote, he doesn’t comprehend what a question is. He thinks that any sentence containing the word “ask” requires a question mark.


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