The Secret Life of Barack Obama

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

Tabloids sometimes get the story right, such as when the National Enquirer exposed the love child of former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. But its sister publication, the National Examiner (also published by American Media Inc.) has a real dud on its hands in the case of Mondo Frazier’s new book, The Secret Life of Barack Obama, which is promoted on the cover of the November 21 issue that is screaming at people in the supermarket check-out lines.

This “scrupulously researched” book, according to the book flap, includes such “eye-opening” revelations as that of a female “Obama associate,” who allegedly spent a night with Obama and then “moved to the Caribbean, where it was whispered that she was involved in overseeing a mysterious fund-raising apparatus.”

Frazier’s bio says he has “written and edited for a variety of publications, including the Official Racing Program & News,” and is the “founder/editor/writer of” It is not clear what the “Official Racing Program & News” is all about.

One thing is certain: his own website describes itself as “The WORLDWIDE LEADER in WEIRD,” which is certainly true. The book is also weird.

Underneath photos of “Stars Without Makeup!,” the cover of the Frazier book is featured on the National Examiner and trumpets “news” about Obama’s alleged arrest in Russia, “his strange CIA cover-up,” and his “sinister Pakistan ties” going back 30 years. But a quick look finds that Frazier relies on Wayne Madsen for the claims of Obama’s CIA ties. Madsen is the propagandist for Russian TV who has been making the rounds alleging that Obama may be a secret CIA operative. Such fanciful and easily discounted claims have the effect of diverting attention away from Obama’s communist and socialist connections, which is where the scrutiny should be applied.

Three years into Obama’s presidency, the American people still deserve real answers to the mystery of who occupies the oval office. They won’t find the answers in the Mondo Frazier book.

My recommendations for good books on the keys to unlocking the Obama mystery include Trevor Loudon’s Barack Obama and the Enemies Within, Red Army by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott, and Subversion Inc. by Matthew Vadum.

For whatever reason, the Frazier book diverts attention from the real story, which is—and has been—Obama’s ties to Communist Party operative Frank Marshall Davis, his childhood mentor in Hawaii, and the communist and socialist networks in Hawaii and Chicago which nurtured and sponsored Obama’s political career. These are the networks which have spawned the “Occupy” movement embraced by Obama. It is a movement that continues to get more violent over time but which ignores the role of Obama financial patron George Soros in the ongoing financial turmoil.

Frazier tells me in an email, “My book doesn’t say a lot about Frank Marshall Davis at all,” and goes on, “Understand, this is not because there is nothing to be said on the subject. It’s because 1- there are so many things to cover, so few pages; and, 2- once the relationship between Obama’s grandfather(?!?) and Davis is included, then so much veers off into the realm of speculation. Not that that speculation wouldn’t be fertile and/or interesting ground.”

There is no need for speculation. Obama talked about Davis in his own book, referring to him as just “Frank.” Trevor Loudon broke the story about who “Frank” was, and I confirmed the identity and obtained the 600-page FBI file on Davis from the FBI. Numerous sources then confirmed the relationship between Davis and Obama, although Obama and his aides persist in falsely claiming that Davis was just a civil rights activist.

The appropriate avenue for further inquiry is why Obama is covering up the nature of this relationship. What’s more, how could a candidate with links to communists and terrorists like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn get to be president? One answer is that we have a loophole in our system that has been exploited by our media to allow a security risk to occupy the oval office. The major media abandoned their adversarial and independent posture and became cheerleaders for the Obama phenomenon. One part of the process was refusing to probe why a financial collapse was engineered just weeks before the 2008 presidential election.

Trevor Loudon, who is from New Zealand but is on a book tour of the U.S. and recently appeared on Glenn Beck’s Internet TV and radio shows, is given no credit for this story—or any of his other revelations about Obama—in Frazier’s book.

However, the unreliable Wayne Madsen is quoted at length for several pages on the dubious claim that Obama may be a CIA operative.

Frazier stumbles upon some real information without acknowledging where it came from. He mentions, for example, that Obama, as a senator, had sponsored a piece of legislation known as the Global Poverty Act, which would authorize $845 billion for foreign aid. He says “…stories about the Global Poverty Act were a rarity.” In fact, we broke that story at Accuracy in Media and it was picked up by many in the conservative media, including Rush Limbaugh.

The reference to Obama’s alleged arrest in Russia is based on a story I wrote regarding an Obama trip to Russia that resulted in his detention by Russian authorities. There was no arrest. But questions remain as to whether or not Russian authorities inspected Obama’s passport and what they discovered. It is another part of the mystery.

I hesitated to write anything else about the Frazier book, but it is worth comment because a powerful publishing house, Threshhold Editions, a division of Simon and Schuster, put it out. The company can claim credit for a number of conservative bestsellers. But why the editors chose to publish this Mondo Frazier book is beyond comprehension.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, and can be contacted at


  1. Hi there Arlen and Cliff, nice job on this. The WMR does take matters on all fronts and embellishes, but there are nuggets as the basis of the embellishments. We will be seeing more and more Obama stories coming out as the election gets closer, it will be a chore to vet it all but we need to do it. Hat tip to you guys and to Trevor too.


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