Despite Deceit and Lies Obama Syndicate and Dems Continue Push for Gun and People Control

Obama-supported Marxist Democrat Riots and Mayhem Continue

With real polls (not the ones Obama has ordered the alphabet networks to counterfeit) continuing to fall for Dictator Obama, he is working as fast as he can to establish his tyranny as a fait accompli.  ObamaThugs calling themselves “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS) have taken their rioting, perversions, crimes, open defecations, and copulations, murders/deaths (at least three of them – some reports say four – as of this writing) and all-around bad behaviors to the streets, businesses and byways of multiple cities throughout the [former] USA.  Women are being beaten and raped by OWS protesters across the country.  OWS ObamaThugs are barging into private meetings and conventions and becoming more and more violent.  Note:  The days of Noah have returned with a vengeance.

From Frugal Cafe Blogzone: "Riots, violence, & vandalism last night at Occupy Oakland in California, police were injured, dozens were arrested - Nov. 2, 2011"

The SEIU (aka “ObamaFriends”) and other patently Marxist-Communist labor unions are adding to the violence as they egg-on the protesters.

As predicted, the OWS “movement” quickly degraded and devolved into what it was all along–a violent Marxist-anarchistic melee.  The OWS project was started by Obama friend and former ObamaCzar Van Jones–an avowed Communist.  This is the Marxist Democrats’ version of the TEA Party–that is, the exact opposite of the TEA Party.  If ever the Left was being shown with its true face and in its true glory… OWS is it.

From Frugal Cafe Blogzone: "One of the fires started last night by rioting Occupy Oakland protesters"

Holder Lies…Agents and Civilians Die

As well as the Obama-syndicate planned turmoil and anarchy on the streets, Dictator Obama is again working on deleting the Second Amendment.

In order to establish gun control on the US population, Obama and lackey Eric Holder (I suspect some mentoring from Soros and his bosses also occurred) devised the “Operation Gunwalker (aka “Gunrunner” in 2009) Fast and Furious” which placed guns in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels.  As no follow-up of where the guns ended up was planned by the illegal Obama regime,  none occurred.  However, the guns did turn up at one crime scene after another in both the USA and Mexico.  Agent Brian Terry was murdered by a drug cartel member with an Obama/Holder provided gun.  Mexican civilians have been slaughtered by guns provided by the Obama syndicate.

The Obama syndicate has actually sided with the Sinaloa drug cartel against Los Zetas drug cartel.  In October 2011, the FBI released a report stating that US gang-bangers coalitions with the Mexican cartels has spiked 40% since Obama took the office of president and the leader of the Sinaloa cartel–Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman–is reported to now be living in the US.  So, the Mexican drug cartels in the USA that Obama has armed are A-OK with the regime but, the Dear Leader Obama is pushing to disarm the American people.

Obviously, Obama and Holder had sought to blame everything on gun shop owners–the ones they told would be harmed one way or another if they didn’t play ball and provide the illegal guns to the cartels–but, they were caught red handed.  However, they are still–despite also being caught with pants down–pushing to end US citizens’ gun rights.  That, of course, would leave We-the-People unarmed and the criminals (now firmly including the US Government) with the guns and the power over us all… to do anything and everything they want.  Seriously, does this sound like a good plan to you?  Have we become so complacent and submissive that we will accept any and all assaults on our lives, our loved ones and our own beings?

Media’s Marvelous and Malevolent Mendacity

No reporting on these topics would be complete without an assessment of our dearly beloved media; the same media who said the TEA Party members were racist and gun-toting at their gatherings (with no produced evidence whatsoever that these statements were true) and then said that the OWS crowds were “patriots.”  So, the TEA Party gatherings in a peaceful fashion to support the US Constitution, not defecating on police cars (as OWS members do), not raping and pillaging (as OWS members are still doing), picking up one’s trash before leaving and providing the police with not ONE single arrest before they leave is ‘racist’.

But, the OWS attacks upon women, at least 3-4 OWS homicides nationwide, defecating and copulating in public, hundreds of arrests, litter and debris thrown everywhere, barging into conventions and attacking the attendees is ‘patriotic’ according to the now fully-controlled–by Obama–press.  Thus far, there has only been one viable and in-depth reportage of Operation Gunwalker by the ‘mainstream’ press.  That piece and her subsequent pieces were investigated and actually reported by Sharyl Attkinson of CBS News.  For her accurate reporting, she has been cursed at and threatened by the Obama cartel.


As Obama becomes less and less popular amongst the US population, he is removing more and more of our liberties and pulling in more and more power and control for himself.  He now regularly dismisses federal court decisions that go against his plans to completely decimate OUR country.  As I have written in column after column since 2009, the Obama syndicate is totally lawless.

By the way, did you know that despite a Federal Appeals Court decision and the US Congress telling the FCC not to enact Obama’s takeover of the Internet (aka “net neutrality”) Obama and his bought-and-paid-for FCC are still going to affect it on 20 November?  How many lost souls still actually believe that we’re not already living under a dictatorship and police state in the USA.  And when how soon will it be before the Obama syndicate officially lowers the US’ Iron Curtain?  I suspect that it won’t be long now.

“If you’re not willing to fight for Liberty, you doom yourself to die under Tyranny.  If we refuse to rise up and fight, we’ll be forced to lie down and die.”

–Sher Zieve

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  1. Maybe, just maybe, we now have found out why Barack Obama does not want to drill and buy Canadian oil and has stalled the Keystone project.

  2. A very accurate assesment of our current situation. If We the people don’t get our heads out of our asses we are going to wake up one day and see troops and jackbooted thugs taking over. When someone tells you that violence never solved anything they had best refresh their history lessons, because that is exactly how the soviets, chinese communists, as well as hitler gained their power. So, if Americans want to retain their liberty, they are going to have to make some hard choices, do we fight, or do we roll over and kiss our asses goodbye.

  3. Also if you take into consideration that George Soros and his company Cerebus financial group have purchased 90% of the ammo and gun manufacturing companies in the U.S. it might be pretty darn easy to pull the final plug to dis-arm the people.

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