Will the Real America Please Stand Up?

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America took a sharp left turn in 1912, when it elected a globalist with a strong Marxist philosophy. Woodrow Wilson, and his alter-ego, Colonel Edward Mandell House, created the League of Nations, created the Federal Reserve, created the income tax, and kicked the states out of the federal government by enacting the 17th Amendment.

Conservatives turned the nation back to the right for a short while, when they regained the White House, but lost it to another globalist with a strong Marxist philosophy in 1932. Franklin D. Roosevelt created the United Nations, and in his first 100 days, created a rash of Marxist-type government programs which included the Works Projects Administration (WPA); Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC); National Youth Administration (NYA); Farm Security Administration (FSA); National Recovery Administration (NRA); Public Works Administration (PWA); Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA); Federal Writers Project (FWP); Federal Theatre Project (FTP); and the Federal Arts Project (FAP).

Roosevelt, and his Democratic Congress, also enacted the Emergency Banking Act, which put banks under the control of the federal government; the Agricultural Adjustment act, which started farm subsidies; the Industrial Recovery Act, which began the minimum wage, and guaranteed unions the right of collective bargaining. The idea that the Constitution created a limited federal government never entered Roosevelt’s mind, nor the collective mind of a Democratic Congress.

President Ronald Reagan provided some relief from Marxist philosophy, despite the fact that his policies were ridiculed by the left-leaning press, and stymied by a huge Democrat majority in the House of Representatives.

America lurched to the left again, when it elected Barack Hussein Obama, and a Democratic Congress, in 2008. The term “limited government’ was not, and is not now, in the vocabulary of Obama or his Democratic admirers, who believe that the solution to all of society’s problems is more government control.

Rep. Maxine Waters declared that she wants government to take over the oil companies. The Rev. Al Sharpton insists that Martin Luther King’s dream was not to put a black man in the White House, but to “…make everything equal in everybody’s house….” The protesters camped out on Wall Street echo many of these same sentiments.

The signs carried by these folks suggest a wide variety of complaints, but all seem to focus on two goals: 

  1. tax the rich more, and redistribute their money to others
  2. use government power to control the economy to end capitalism

The Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress appear to be in complete agreement with these goals. House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi says “God bless the [Wall Street] protesters…,” while condemning the Tea Parties as “astroturf” paid for by the rich. Even President Obama embraces the Wall Street protesters while misstating the cause of the problems that led to the economic disaster they protest.

The protesters and President Obama blame Wall Street for the economic disaster that befell the nation in 2008. The real cause, however, is the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and subsequent legislation and regulations that essentially forced banks to give mortgage loans to people who had no chance to repay them. When the federal government guaranteed these loans through Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the door was opened for incredible corruption — inside and outside of government. Ultimately, when the sub-prime mortgages went unpaid, the bubble began to burst, and the nation will be years cleaning up the mess. The mess was made by Democrats who, in pursuit of their Marxist policy of government-enforced redistribution of wealth, created the disaster.

Washington Democrats and the Wall Street protesters want more of these policies. The Tea Parties, conservatives, and most Republicans want just the opposite: fewer taxes, less government, and more individual freedom.

The 100th anniversary of the election of Woodrow Wilson is 2012. America may once again choose to continue its present course to the left set by President Obama and Washington Democrats, toward more and more Marxist philosophy in government policy. Or, America may choose to abandon Marxist philosophy and return to the limited government envisioned by our Founders and enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

America went astray in 1912 with the election of Woodrow Wilson. It went further astray with the election of Roosevelt, Carter, Clinton and Obama. The Tea Parties exercised their concern by inspiring real Americans to send many House Democrats to the unemployment line in the 2010 election. The only hope for saving America from the Marxist philosophy so avidly demonstrated by the Wall Street protestors and the Washington Democrats is for the real Americans to please stand up — and march into the voting booth in mass, and kick Karl Marx and his Democratic admirers out of government entirely.



Henry Lamb is the author of “The Rise of Global Governance,” Chairman of Sovereignty International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.


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  1. I am just as much as an Obama hater as anyone else. But really. Seriously? Republicans = limited government?

    The way I have been seeing it?

    The people have been voting for the dumbocrats all these years, and here we are.

    The people have been voting for the repukocrats all these years … and … here we are! Still.!

    Mark my words. Whichever repukocrat is elected next year, the Tea Party will go to sleep… like they are now, and nothing will change … except their is a repukocrat president. And somehow, as always for the repukocrats, that makes it all better.

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