Barack Obama Accused: Selling Cocaine, Homosexual Sex while IL Senator

Where was the media in 2008?
Where are they now?

by Charles Kerchner
CDR Kerchner’s Blog

Rush Limbaugh Contrasts Politico’s Intense Reporting on Anonymous Charges against Herman Cain with Politico’s Sparse Reporting of Charges by Larry Sinclair against Barack Obama – Gay Sex, Cocaine Use, and Murder Scandal; Media Coverup | @


Obama Accused of Gay Sex, Drugs, and Complicity to Murder by Larry Sinclair:



Read full story here:

Limbaugh to Dems … Who’s Racist Now?  Read this follow-on story at

My observation and comment:

With conservative Republican Cain, attacks and impugns Herman Cain.  With socialist Democrat Obama, attacks and impugns the messenger, Larry Sinclair. Typical double standard of the left wing and major media outlets.

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

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