Pat Tillman (11.6.1976 – 4.22.2004)

Remembering an American Hero

by John Swetland

The entire article rests in the blog, Allen West Republic. The concluding sentiments are quoted, here.

On April 22, 2004 Pat Tillman was killed in the line of duty.   Friendly fire, during a fierce battle with Radicals, took the life of a True Hero.  The country lost another warrior, one who put his life on the line for his beloved country.  Every casualty of war saddens the nation.  Every casualty of war is forever remembered.  The story of Daniel Patrick “Pat” Tillman is not much different than the thousands of other heroes we have lost over the life of this Republic.  But, we should respect a man who gave up so much, gave up a life of richness and ease at such an early age.  We should respect one who had every reason to NOT put his life on the line.

Pat Tillman DID, and that is why I want folks to note the significance of this day November 6th.  His birthday, and the date in 2012 that we will be electing our next leaders of this nation.  We have exactly 1 year to invest in America.  Each individual should look towards ones self and truly respect what it is to be an American.  Have you invested in educating yourself in what this great nation stands for?  Have your read your Constitution, your Declaration of Independence?  Have you understood why the Pat Tillman’s willfully give of their life for the Red, White and Blue? 

The Presidential election of 2012 is the most important election of our lives.  We must ask, as a people, which fork in the road will we take?  Will we take the fork that disparages Individual Liberties? Will we take the fork that leads us away from our history, away from the intent of our Framers??  Will we take the fork that invests in commonality of the masses and not the unbridled freedom of the person?? 

Corporal Patrick Tillman

I pray, that between the next 2 birthdays of Pat Tillman, Americans invest or reinvest in the inner Patriot that we all share.  We must take the proper fork in this road, the tine which leads us back to where we came from.  The tine of Liberty, of Natural Law, the tine of Individualism.  The tine that Pat Tillman and every other soldier in the history of this nation has chosen.  We must right this ship called America.

What better day to start turning this vessel.  November 6th, 2011.  Happy Birthday Pat Tillman.  We won’t forget your lesson to us all.  We will get our Republic back from the brink, that will be our thanks to you and all others who’ve paid the price that you did.  We will celebrate your 36th birthday next year, we will bring this nation back home.

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