Understand America’s Problem, But You Want the Solution?

James Simpson has gotten a large cross-section of America to realize the truth about “Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis.”  We now understand the Marxist revolution that is tearing down America and willfully destroying and robbing us of our income, property,  livelihoods — and our very Sovereignty.  But after Jim explains this, people ask: what can be done about it?

That question can not go unanswered and Jim has put together the Patriot’s Handbook: a Practical Guide to Restoring Liberty.  Compiling it took quite a while, but he offers it to you at no charge.

You can take some of its counsel, or all.  Find just what suits your abilities and interests — but please take part in the solution!  Think of those millions who have fought and the hundreds of thousands of Sovereign Americans who have given their “last full measure of devotion,” to deliver you an authentic and free America.  They did, intending for you to protect this priceless gift from our Creator, too, and pass it to the next generation, unmolested.

But America is being destroyed and we find ourselves in a soft war. So, please fight!  You must  f i g h t . Take advantage of the freedom you yet have.  Win back the America of The People and our Founders’ vision, before it is too late and Gulag America is razor wire wrapped around us.

Prayer vigil in New York, immediately after 9/11/2001

This soft war presents a clear and present danger, and a destructive force much more effective than Islamist terrorism.  Global Marxists, including those who euphemistically call themselves  “progressives,” have actually promoted Islamist terrorism, amidst the various weaponry available to them.  And by contrast, the White House, Speaker’s Office, etc. are very effective weapons platforms, indeed.

Marxist controllers are true global “imperialists” and the Marxist methodology of institutional deceit, theft, and murderous violence are as evil as it has ever been.  They have learned however, to be subtler, which is more effective in what has been known thus far as Western Civilization.

But we who would preserve, renew, and restore authentic America have the people power to win, by God’s own grace. If we just apply ourselves in freedom and peace, the soft war will be won.  If we do not, the warfare against America will become inevitably more violent and destructive.  And, if the Marxist enemy wins, then the life blood spent of our freedom fighters will come to naught.

After you examine the Patriot’s Handbook, you may wish to also discover the yellow “Donate” button, between the two blogrolls on the left sidebar of Jim’s Truth & Consequences – There is no Right and Left, only Right and Wrong. That will allow him to dedicate more time, in Samuel Adams’ words, to “lighting brushfires” with our greatest weapon: the truth.  I know Jim and I can tell you that.

Please take up the truth and make sure your neighbors have it, too.

Listen to Jim, Trevor Loudon, and fellow freedom fighters, in the trailer to a new video:

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