OWS & Democratic Socialists of America Push for Transaction Tax (not just Herman Cain)

Trevor Loudon has introduced us to Marxist Maria Svart of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

When you think “democratic socialist” think of the insidious, creeping and clutching gradualist, Fabianist, structural Marxism of Gramsci, Trotsky, the Frankfurt school — and by now, most of America’s Democratic Party and much of the influences upon the GOP, too.

Many have warned about the governmental control inplicit in any kind of national transaction tax, including those in Federal Reserve dupe, Herman Cain’s 999 plan.

And what do you know, DSA are pushing it, as a way to further rob, debilitate, and control the processes of, America’s small and mid-sized (and semi-honest) financial institutions, just as crony statism steadily controls our largest institutions of capital.  Why?

Because global Marxism is all for central banking and fomented by the classic, generations old central bank conspirators. Yes, conspirators. Say it again if you are uncomfortable with the word.

Here is an email DSA sent out today.




DSAer on Fox News – Financial Transaction Tax

With #Occupy Wall Street, the mainstream media likes to focus on conflicts between protestors who want demands and those who don’t.  DSA has been taking all along about the kinds of policies which would dramatically decrease inequality and alleviate poverty in the United States by raising revenue from those who have money and allocating it to programs to help those who are suffering in this crisis.  As Michael Moore likes to say, “America isn’t broke!” 

One such policy is a financial transactions tax.  In fact, the magazine which sparked #Occupy Wall Street, Adbusters, has recently begun advocating for the same – this time a global “Robin Hood” tax, similar to the one DSA has long sought.  And DSAer Bill Barclay was recently on Fox talking about a proposed tax on the Chicago derivative markets where traders use futures and options to bet on price changes.  Despite questions which distorted the cost of the proposed tax, Bill eloquently set the record straight.

Bill will be presenting a workshop at the DSA convention called “The Origins of the Crisis” about what caused the great recession and what we can do about it.  There is still time to make arrangements to attend the convention, just outside Washington, DC in Vienna, Virginia, November 11-13.  To learn more, including see the convention program and register, visit the DSA convention website.

In solidarity,
Maria Svart
National Director

Knowledge is power. Ignorance is slavery.

Globalist backed plans for national transaction taxes are the path to mark of the beast style, totalitarian control. Michele Bachmann is right. Turn 999 upside down for a mnemonic device. Did I just say “demonic?” 

Let’s go ahead and say this again: “Con – spir – a -tors”

I knew ya could.

For more insight into Marxists’ incidious strategies for capturing America’s financial processes, see: “The Marxo-Fascist ‘Social and Economic Justice’ Ties That Bind.”



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