‘The American Dream’ Cartoon Nails the Central Banking Compex

“The American dream” should not be interpreted as chiefly economic. If we do so, we “lend” ourselves to the onslaught of the materialist foes of American Sovereignty and liberty.  Oops, I just said what the American dream is really about.

That being said, here is a trailer for an excellent lesson of how the central banking “beast” (see the Book of Revelation) is attempting to further its slavery over America and the world, making the whole spinning ball it’s Global Gulag.


“Red shield” is the English translation of “Rothschild.”  Huh. Is that why the color became so popular in Moscow, Bejing, and Berlin?

This cartoon does not tell the whole story, but it does what it does very well.

The site for the video: AmericanDreamFilm.com. It’s ten bucks.


Remember, it’s about Sovereignty and liberty, about the Declaration and the Constitution; it’s not about ethnicity.

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