Tom Tancredo Speaks up for Arizona’s Recalled Russell Pearce

You may recall seeing heroic Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce on television, during the passage of the their legislation to uphold the rule of law in that border state, against America’s strategic invasion by illegal immigrants. Representing Arizona’s 18th senatorial district, he has since become the President of the Arizona State Senate — and he is being recalled.

His recall vote was passed in July of 2011 and his recall election is scheduled for November, 2011.

Sen. Pearce with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and David Horowitz

No, my own state of Wisconsin is not the only one where patriotic politicians are being assailed by the ne0-Marxist revolutionaries in politics, pseudo-education, and the media.  (Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is being faced with a recall effort now, too.)

Former U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo (CO-R) and others rallied and spoke up for Sen. Pearce recently. Here are Tancredo’s words.

Video, “Tom Tancredo Rally for Russel Pearce,” Tancredo Radio blog

“Language, border, culture!” cried the Muslim friend.

Senator and re-candidated Pearce’s campaign site:


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