‘The Occupation Manifesto,’ But Do You Want the Whole Story?

What do you think?

Is this what you come to Gulag Bound, to see? – – the obvious already happening before the world’s noses?

Should we say, “We told you so?” since we apparently broke the story of this movement on the Internet, on August 10th (a half-hour before the site was brought down again) and revealed these people as the globalist, Marxist enemy of America?

Yes, that is what these “occupiers” are, along with Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Leon Panetta, the likes of Pelosi, Reid, and Schumer, and of course George Soros, and all their comrades. They are all the revolutionary usurpers, “the coming insurrection’s” vanguard. And their transnationalist controlled opposition, at work within the circles of conservatives, GOP presidential candidates, and the Tea Party are their accomplices, whether hoodwinked or worse.

But what good would it do to say, “We told you so?”

Look further and see what is behind them all. One more thing we explained is picked up by only a few:

This movement is also the spawn of the wealthiest 1% — of 1% of 1% of 1% — the world’s age old, truly and megalomaniacally evil, central banking complex.

Baron Edmond Rothschild, who brought George Soros extraordinary wealth

We had previously made a point, all too distinctively, that it was the Rothschild/Schiff bankers who funded George Soros and his fellow black knight on the game table, Maurice “Sustainable Development” Strong.

But do not dare to call this “the Jewish problem.” Do not go down that road or you also become America’s enemy.

At its financially providential core, this is the problem of a demonically despotic few individuals of whatever mix of ethnicities and corrupted beliefs, as they do the bidding “their father the devil” (whether they accede to that or not).

So, this movement is the ploy of the world’s biggest banksters, to rapidly foment and utilize perverse Marxist bitterness, in order to push out the lesser banksters and legitimate financiers and “capitalists” — all in order to yes, control the world.

Can we make it any clearer?

They, with all of the above, are the ones manufacturing and orchestrating our financial, civil, moral, and ideological crises. They are the ones robbing Americans of our wealth and property, as they foment the revolution of the “proletariat” most hurt by it. All, in order to be at the top of the pyramid, running Gulag America and Gulag World.

What do we have to do, to get this across?  (For one thing, I think we need to report further about what Norman Dodd discovered, last century and present the fuller, historically demonstrated narrative, both before and since.)

And yes, it is time to open the Book of Revelation to the Apostle, John — in order to understand what is at stake and to stave off this destruction, and that in order to give this world and especially the work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ among those in it, more time. And even more importantly, it is time to open hearts to what is clearly, by inspiration, presented in John’s Gospel

And do not think for a minute that the introduction of a national transaction tax, by the Federal Reserve candidate’s “999 Plan” will not bring us closer to “mark of the beast” totalitarianism and the resultant condemnation of everyone who goes along with it.

Context is “everything,” let us open wide and take it all in.

Or is this a time for mincing words and holding back what we know?

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h/t: Nora

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